More Dallas / Hollywood Poker in the Money

by , Aug 9, 2006 | 1:29 am

LAS VEGAS–They’re down to 30 in the $1,500 NLH event, and Dallas pro Lloyd Shinn is still alive. Faced with a relatively tiny stack (less than 4,000 chips) at the bubble, “You hit a point where there’s a fork in the road, and I had to make a decision which way to go,” he said. “Either I was going to have to go for the win, or just try to make it in the money.” He decided to just blind his way into the money … folding hands like AQ, AKs in the cut-off … “I’ve folded Aces [pre-flop] five times in a tournament before. Doing it here would be an easy one.”

The fact that he won his way in on a $150 satellite factored into his decision. His strategy seemed to work, as he’s sitting with about 12,000 chips now and nearing the 5-figure payouts.

Shannon Elizabeth / Fadal also cashed in this event. With three money finishes in the 2006 WSOP, I think that unofficially puts her among the Hollywood Poker A-List:

Gabe Kaplan
Ben Affleck
Tobey Maguire
Jennifer Tilly
Shannon Elizabith

Serious Wannabees
James Woods
Norm MacDonald
Louie Anderson
Penn Jillete

UPDATE: Shinn survived to Day 2. There are 23 players left, and he’s got about 20,000 — average stack is 50-60k. “Once I got into the money, I started getting some cards,” he says.

9 Comments to “More Dallas / Hollywood Poker in the Money”

  1. jeh

    Screw that. Jimmy Woods should easily be rated above Ms. American Pie. If she were all that, how did she lose her husband to Annie Duke? He leaves a bodacious set like that for a mom with 4 kids? The only conclusion that can be reasonably drawn is that either Shannon Elizabeth is intolerably high-maintenance, or that Mr. Ex has a screw loose, or both. You wouldn’t give Annie Duke a second look if you saw her at the supermarket, whereas the same cannot be said for Shannon Elizabeth.

    So give Woodsy his due.

  2. Ed

    meh…I think I would pass on Shannon BECA– USE she can look high maintenance. 🙂 Who wants that kind of drama in their poker life? Plus I have seen her when not all decked out…she looks…normal.


  3. Gonz

    James Woods, from watching him play, appears knowledgeable. That said, Shannon Elizabeth has amazing–AMAZING–tits.

    Edge: Shannon.

  4. alicia

    I’m sorry…. I can’t stop laughing…. reading “I would pass on Shannon Elizabeth”. Y’all truly are poker geeks

  5. Tiny B

    I’ve played poker with Shannon. She’s a good player, very sweet and incredibly hot. Ed is gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  6. Ed

    Hey Alicia, you talking to my wife? I think I get called a poker dork by her more than once a day. 🙂

    Oh and speaking of women I would take over Shannon…Alicia here is one. She has the looks AND can play some mean poker and in the end…that is all that matters!!!

    P.S. It has NOTHING to do with the boobs. Really. I mean it.


  7. Kevin Mathers

    How about putting Mimi Rogers on to either of those lists? She has cashed in at least one WPT event (Shooting Stars if I recall correctly).

  8. DanM

    one WPT event means nothing. We are looking purely at results here from these hollywooders . a bracelet means something. MULTIPLE WSOP cashes means something.

    I’ve played with James Woods, Gonz. All I can say is he would be invited to the home game any day. he thinks he knows way more than he does. kinda like … um … gonz.

  9. alicia


    I like the way you sweet talk. You’re my new favorite Ed.