MTV Poker News

by , Aug 10, 2006 | 6:34 am

LAS VEGAS–It’s fun (and easy) to make fun of CardPlayer, but sometimes they’ve got some pretty good stuff. I enjoyed Bob Pajich’s article about the Hollywoodization of poker, for example, and just recently I stumbled across this video … about what online poker means to the poker world. It’s a well-constructed assay of the online poker lifestyle, complete with visible degeneracy. I just wonder if CP producers realize what it is that makes it so great.

In the video, you’ll see:

Online player #1: They say I’ve got tells, but fuck’em, I’m from Texas!
Online player #2: I love online poker! I’ve been playing since I was underage!
Jennicide: I couldn’t handle school, you know, grades and shit … so I turned to online poker.
Phil Hellmuth: Bring it on, beyotches!

The CardPlayer reporter is kind enough to let kids know that despite all this legality stuff they’re hearing, they can still play as much as they want while the grown-ups are arguing about it. Awesome. Kudos to any intern who played a role. Seriously, it’s this close to Spinal Tap.

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