Remember the Dealers?

by , Aug 11, 2006 | 6:32 am

LAS VEGAS–So I had a conversation with some dealers a few minutes ago — I’m guessing I won’t be the first one to report that the World Series is over — and they were all clearly hoping Jamie Gold would win. Why?

Because he reportedly promised to tip $1 million if he won. (He did. Win that is. Tip still pending.) To the dealers, that meant about an extra $2,000 each.

Phil Hellmuth, by comparison, in the tourney where he won his 10th bracelet, and the other one where he got 2nd place … reportedly tipped:


Also talked with a floorman exec type. He told me that even with Jamie Gold’s $1 million tip, the dealers will leave the WSOP having made 30 percent of what they made last year.

“I’m not sure what else I can say,” he said. “But those are the real numbers.”

7 Comments to “Remember the Dealers?”

  1. david

    tip $1 million ??? that’s nuts….

  2. TheActorTony

    Why can’t they just eliminate individual tipping in tournament play all-together? They have collected all the player’s entry fees, just take a pre-announced percentage out before the tourney starts, and don’t expect another tip from any of the winner(s). I have to assume there are tourneys that already do things this way.

  3. TommyTwoToes

    I think the real problem was that they started the WSOP with not allowing anytips or that any tips given would go to the house. They changed that but then they made it tip share…

    basically in my opinion from what i have read etc this was the worst run WSOP to date…. yet amazingly the most profitable for the host.

  4. wsop dealer

    Well, I dealt the world series and just picked up my last paycheck. Not only did we make 60% of last year’s money (remember this year was twice as big), but it looks as though not a soul from the final table left us a dime! I guess I’ll just wait and see if there’s another paycheck coming from those guys (yeah right)

  5. DanM

    not even jamie gold … who supposedly “promised” $1 million?

    over-vig + shared tipping = bad

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