Rough Night in Vegas

by , Aug 5, 2006 | 12:17 pm

This has little to do with poker or the WSOP, but surely some players and/or other pokery people were affected by it … late last night a man climbed to the top of the backdrop of the MGM lion (using restoration scaffolding) and threatened to jump. He was probably 50 feet up … hardly high enough to assure death, but guaranteed to painfully break many bones.

Not sure if it had to do with a gambling loss or problems with a girlfriend (perhaps a combination of both?), but a lady was seen crying and screaming up to him from the sidewalk outside the Tropicana before being ushered away by police. At the same time, they began backing up crowds shouting, “Jump!” (Is it even funny that the loudest screams were coming from people outside New York, New York?)

Anyhow, dude stayed there til way beyond sunrise. So for at least four hours — starting as I was playing $1/$2 NL at Tropicana — cops closed off sections of the Strip and Tropicana Blvd. Traffic was a middle-of-the-night bear, and horns wouldn’t stop honking. Foot traffic was also re-routed, making for some extra-long walks for a lot of people heading back to their hotels — particularly the MGM.

Above is a shot of what I saw outside my hotel room. (Click to enlarge.) Below is a little more of a close-up. Pretty sure he didn’t jump. Either way, a sometimes-needed reminder that things could always be worse …

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  1. Scott Chaffin

    Too bad Martin Riggs is in dutch with the laws…