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by , Aug 4, 2006 | 8:57 pm

LAS VEGAS–So we ragged on CardPlayer for misspelling Johnny Kampis’ name, and Steve Carter’s. Steve Carter, it turns out … is out. Why? Because he was never in. CardPlayer’s error … replicated by the rest of the media, as we have been given no choice but to follow the great work of their interns.

I learned about Steve Carter’s not being in from Chris “Rebuy” Martin … who is not the same as the Chris Martin who currently is dominating chip-wise.

Another interesting thing … Neither blogger — Johnny nor Ryan — is included in the chip counts any more. They were up there yesterday … and CardPlayer has actually been doing a good job adding names as the tourney progresses. So what’s up with that? Is it just another guffaw, or a personal anti-blogger slight? Ryan Kallberg, interestingly enough, was a Full Tilt qualifier. And he’s relatively accomplished, poker-wise, too — so you’d think they would keep him up there for sure. Likewise, there’s no mention of blogger Matt Maroon. I don’t know if he was being tracked yesterday and later removed like the other two, however.

UPDATE: Tuscaloosa Johnny is out — he had kings in an AA vs. KK vs. QQ hand. Gets paid about $16k. Ryan and Daniel Negreanu are still in.

So is Micon from Neverwin.

The Dallas player to follow now is Matt Wilson — a former Third Pair dealer who is currently 22nd in chips.

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  1. alicia

    An update on another Dallas player… Brian Curry who was a regular at Platinum and dealt in Arlington… finished in 497th place for a $26,389 cash.