TBR advances — in a big(gish) way!

by , Aug 1, 2006 | 5:26 am

LAS VEGAS–The Big Randy may be a little weak in the Batface schlogger … and struggling painfully of late in the BT “big game.” But he’s the only one of us who apparently knows how to move forward worth a flip in the main event of the WSOP, as he’ll be playing in Day 2 … Day 2B to be exact. And get this … he’s an above-average stack now, with 27,875 chips!

Randy waited and waited … and eventually found pocket Aces for the first time. In a thing of beauty, he doubled up against pocket Kings. Then a few hands later, the same guy with his now shortened-stack moved all-in with A-10 … and TBR called with pocket Jacks. They held up. Even though play is done for the day, he is still sitting at the table, presumably because he has a boner.

Meanwhile, Fawcett is very miffed at my assessment of how he (mis?)played Big Slick.

NOTE TO SCOTT: Email me a recounting of that hand again and I’ll put it up for debate and disection.

One Comment to “TBR advances — in a big(gish) way!”

  1. Fawcett

    Hey, I am just trying to learn the game…at least I didn’t bluff all in to Men the Master drawing dead this time. Progress baby!