The Dallas Scene Is Back, Sorta

by , Sep 11, 2006 | 4:50 am

LAKE TAHOE, NV—I got a new device that let’s me plug my computer in on a plane. As a result, I had a very productive intercontinental flight – reduced my email backlog by more than 300. One email I finally got around to answering was from Adam in Dallas:

(hey, like a wedding gift, don’t you generally have a year to make good?)

—–Original Message—–
From: Adam
Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2005 1:01 PM
To: danm
Subject: poker question

Dan – Great website. I too am a Dallasite and interested in hold ’em. I’ve been wanting to find out more about card rooms and such around town and was frankly too embarrassed to ask anyone and didn’t want to just randomly e-mail some of the places I found on the internet. After reading your website for awhile, I figured you might be able to point me in the right direction or at least alleviate any trepidation I have about playing in one of those rooms. Do you know of some rooms where it’s (1) safe and (2) friendly? I’m interested in maybe $200 or $300 buy-in no limit games primarily. I’m not necessarily asking for names of rooms, but wanted to know if some good places exist since it’s kind of intimidating to me to seek them out. Hopefully you’ve been asked that sort of thing before. Ok, now that I’m done feeling silly, any advice or comments you can give along these lines would be appreciated. I can assure you this isn’t a law enforcement issue (lol), just an interested private citizen wanting to get in on some fun. Thanks and keep up the good work on the website. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to meet and thank you in person some day.


Thanks for writing in, Adam. Sorry for the delayed reply. Obviously a lot has changed since you wrote. Back in the day I woulda told you all was fine and dandy, but since then there’s been at least one armed robbery and a major SWAT team raid. And, frankly, what are you, a fucking cop or something asshole!?! guys like me and Weston Poker are less sure how to best serve this information to you. So I figure I’ll put your email up here and let whatever comments emerge speak for themselves.

5 Comments to “The Dallas Scene Is Back, Sorta”

  1. Adam

    Imagine my surprise to find my message on your site! Thanks for the response (I understand delay in responding to anonymous people like me.) In the past year, I’ve learned a lot about the Dallas scene from your site and friends. I hope that legislators get their heads on straight and seize the opportunity to reap tax dollars from legalizing gambling, rather than seizing a few thousand dollars at local games. Thanks again for a great site.

  2. bundas699

    Adam. How can we be sure that you are the Adam that wrote the email.
    We in Dallas have become very sceptic of all things poker related.

  3. Adam

    Good point. I’m not me, so forget that I ever told you I was myself.

  4. Ed

    Attach your email to one of these blog comments and i am sure the emails will be pooring in soon from rooms that want to be like Aces.


  5. Cowboy

    I read your article on “My new Best Friend Craig” and in there you said you didn’t even smoke pot with him. I am new in town and I heard there was a lot of pot here and I was just wondering if you could tell me where to score some??? ROTFLMAO