I’d like to thank the academy …

by , Sep 29, 2006 | 12:22 am

Pokerati loves getting kudos and will take what we can get wherever. So we are very happy-pleased to be semi-included in the Observer’s Best of Dallas issue, which named Sunday poker at the Lodge the “Best Wild Game.” Cool, awesome … it was a privilege to be part of something so, er, revolutionary (?) while getting to know some of the best amateur poker players in Dallas along the way. Also want to thank Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott for quashing attempts to make this kinda fun against the law.

You know, they’re still fighting for topless poker in Las Vegas. Says Steve Hall about Sin Gentleman’s Club’s struggles to get cards in the air:

Hi Dan,

I went last Tuesday. However, the event has been postponed again. I met with the owner. Even though it was a freeroll with prizes he has been warned that it would be illegal. He has a lawyer looking into it. He comped me a couple of drinks and sent a couple of girls over. 🙂

So funny/ironic how in Nevada it’s the concept of free games that runs into all the legal obstacles. Meanwhile, in Dallas, topless hold’em seems to be all the rage — with bodacious tiddie games proliferating through the local underground. I’m not really sure what this trend says about poker, male culture, and the human condition.

4 Comments to “I’d like to thank the academy …”

  1. Ed

    I don’t see Sunday poker at the Lodge getting the “Best Wild Game” for next year. If it does then I think someone is getting something in return. Nothing wild about it this season.


  2. AlCantHang

    What of my greatest disappointments… never getting to one of your Lodge games. Shame on me.

  3. Uncle Ray

    I echo Al’s comment. I should have planned my trips into town around the game, not tried (unsuccessfully) to fit the game around my trip. Shame on me, too.

  4. Lisa

    the underground poker games are hotter than hell, you just have to know someone cool to be invited ….lol