Online Poker Dodges a Bullet / Or Does it?

by , Sep 25, 2006 | 11:17 pm

This just in … the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act is apparently dead in the U.S. Senate. Not sure what that does to the law in Washington State, but had this legislative measure passed, it really coulda broken into a states rights issue. But now, thankfully, law-abiding citizens can donk it up like crazy from the comfort of their homes … and kids can feel free to gank their parents’ credit cards and gamble til their hearts are content!

Meanwhile, European investors can expect quite the spike in FTSE gaming stocks in a few hours.

UPDATE: Yeesh, Pokerati must’ve gotten a little rusty in the news-gathering department. Turns out the exact opposite could be true, with a more credible publication reporting that the anti-gambling stuff got snuck back into a sure-to-pass Defense bill.
Link props: Change100

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