Right up Pokerati’s, uh, alley

by , Sep 14, 2006 | 2:35 pm

Finally, there’s a place for Dan to play poker and feel comfortable. ComeOutPoker.com claims to be “the world’s first real online poker room and community for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender poker lovers!

“ComeOutPoker also boasts the first ever gay poker game, known simply as ComeOut Hold’em. The game is played along the same guidelines as Texas Hold’em, but all straights are eliminated from the ranking of the hands.”

That’s fine and all, but these guys cornered the gay poker market years ago. You know, credit where it’s due.

6 Comments to “Right up Pokerati’s, uh, alley”

  1. goodchuck

    I began to muse about another aspect of ComeOut Hold’em

    …is hitting your back door flush draw…the highest possible hand.

    …is big lick equal to pocket AA on the the Ladies Only tournaments.

    …or how about A of Clubs (A/C) and 10 (Dime) of
    Clubs (D/C) for the bi-tournaments

    Just some thoughts

  2. DanM

    do a google search for “gay poker” — that’s right … above the fold, baby!

  3. Tulsa

    I like my beer cold, my TV loud, and my homosexuals FA-laming.

  4. Uncle Ray

    Are Queens better than kings? And does “limping in” have new meaning?

  5. Ed

    Does QJo make the nut all the time?

  6. michele lewis

    Pocket Rockets are trumped by a Pair of Jacks. But I think the Sigfried and Roy hand is still pretty good.