Rounder Club Gone Wild

by , Sep 2, 2006 | 7:40 pm

rcparty024.JPGJust cleaning up the desktops (virtual and wood) and stumbled across some entertaining, near-forgotten party pics, which I have dumped in the Pokerati Gallery. A poker tournament did break out, by the way, after the camera got put away. Can you figure out who was the winner? (Note:It wasn’t Como.)

3 Comments to “Rounder Club Gone Wild”

  1. david haney

    Thanks a lot Dan. At least I had semi naked girls around me. I just dont remember it.

  2. Wade

    All I see is a bunch of women taking good care of drunk Como! The guy wins at everything!

  3. dan

    bob, glad you got to see. as per a few requests, various “incriminating” photos have been removed.t it’s only fair that at least briefly you got to witness the fun had at your expense.

    p.s. yo do know that you won the tournament, right?