It’s hard to keep secrets on the internet

by , Sep 29, 2006 | 2:41 am

By the way, the lovely occasional poker-playing/occasional poker-room-busting award-winning TV journalist Sarah Dodd has run into some publicity troubles thanks to a more-than-friends relationship between her and the Dallas police chief — well-chronicled here (and gawked at throughout the Dallas-journo blogosphere). All I can say is “head-up, Sarah!” … all this basically means is you’re pretty much set to be the next Ashleigh Banfield, as it wasn’t long after her collegaues turned on her that she hit the MSNBC big-time. Not sure what she has done from there, but you can cross that bridge when you come to it, I’m sure.

I also can’t help but empathize. It’s a little rough to see one’s personal foibles (or at least what those judgmental types consider to be “wrong”!) laid out for all to evaluate on the internet. For example, I recently stumbled across this hard-to-swallow recap of some less-than-prudent judgment by yours truly in a $1/$3 game at Excalibur:

(from Fish Soup)
A few hands later, 66 in mp, RAZU to 15!

Get two callers, Dan Michalski and (I think) Bill Rini. Flop is 778 and I’m actually thinking I’m good.

I bet 25 and both the boys come along for the ride. I am pretty sure my hand is good here.

Turn is an ace. I actually like that card, it gives me gusto to push out draws and I really don’t see either one of those guys with an ace here. So with 120 in the pot and 120 or so behind, I push.

Holy shit Dan called me! Fairly quickly too.

I am so FUCKED. He must have an ace or a sorta-over pair. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me a 6.

River is 6!!!

I so sucked out.

Or did I?

6 made Dan a straight.

Yep. He called me with a 9T draw on a paired board.


Wish I had like 500 more behind since as most people realize, a boat beats a straight.

Shameful, to be sure.

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