Soap Opera Poker?

by , Sep 23, 2006 | 4:05 pm

There’s a lovely former Dallas dealer that many of you may know … Chantel McNulty. I have unintentionally and indirectly followed her love-life from afar, and while generally the personal details are none of my your damn business, sometimes they are … particularly when they’re posted on the internet by one of the principles. Anyhow, turns out Chantel is reportedly dating Dustin Woolf, aka Neverwin. Yeow. Looking at his picture is enough to inspire any Average Joe … but then reading about her $100/$200 games at Bellagio makes me chuckle at whatever thoughts said A-J may have entertained.

Click here to read the Neverwin Love Story. (via Pokerfolio.)

Now while romantic relationships are hardly upstanding Pokerati fodder — after all, don’t these things just get in the way of the game? — there is one other interesting facet … David Williams. No no, I’m not trying to imply anything about David and Chantel; believe it or not, it is possible for two attractive individuals to be just friends, or so I have heard. But David and Chantel are at supposedly good enough buds to crash at each other’s pad when necessary, while her new boyfriend is the guy who broke the “story” about Williams’ pre-poker movie career.


OK, back to poker …

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