Speaking of the Rounder Club …

by , Sep 28, 2006 | 3:02 pm

Is this merry band of poker gypsies again without a home? I received an email a couple weeks ago saying they were back (!) and here’s the new venue yadda yadda. And then about a week later I received an email from “Gabe” saying this same venue — on its second name and like third or fourth owner — was shutting its doors for good … and then a third email from another source confirming the closure in the form of an equipment fire sale.

All this kinda begs the question, too, of whether or not the Rounder Club needs a home to exist.

One Comment to “Speaking of the Rounder Club …”

  1. TheActorTony

    Okay rounders, let me get this straight. If I want to participate in an illegal, yet so overground it’s scary poker tournament, I need to provide government identification and employment verification to the house as part of their “private membership” requirements. Lemme think. Um… no??? Not even if my mother was running this thing. Sorry folks, but I don’t need to win 75 bucks this badly. Good luck with all that, and I’ll see you soon somewhere down the road.