The continuing anti-saga of Richard Lee

by , Sep 1, 2006 | 5:27 pm

So much going on with the Richard Lee case. He’s friends with the mayor, yet San Antonio PD has been investigating him for months. He’s allegedly the bookie to the stars in San-An, or at least to a lot of prominent judges, lawyers, and other big-city players.

He also happened to be playing on PartyPoker when the raid went down. A few SWAT guys and everything, one of whom was a poker player and couldn’t help but ask him about a few hands. And the Bexar County DA is now saying (unequivocally?) that playing online poker is in fact a crime in Texas. Wow, and yeow.

All this while the Senate is a few days away from beginning consideration of federally prohibiting online gambling/gaming/poker of any sort (except for lotteries and horse racing).

I gotta say, I feel good that so much of all the challenges ahead are falling in the lap of Richard Lee, as opposed to Jamie Gold. Gives me the sense that whatever happens, poker is gonna be OK.

Meanwhile, I’ve been getting scooped on much of this by my own girlfriend at PokerBlog. (Bitch! Well done, Sweetie.)

Wicked Chops and CardSquad are keeping on top of things very well, too.

And by the way, to the commenter who wondered why a potential bookie story has anything to do with the “war on poker” … if you don’t see it now, just stick around. You will see.

We’re all in for a fun ride.

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