The Ins and Outs of the Dallas Underground

by , Sep 5, 2006 | 5:23 am

Another item from Pokerati's "lost archives": Here's an interview done on Hold'em Radio's "Beyond the Table" with a Dallas underground poker room operator. This took place on May 10, shortly before the Aces raid (and subsequent fallout). Have a listen — plenty of irony abounds.

MP3 File

NOTE: This recording is on the lengthy side. While it often is easier (and fun!) to just click the embedded player, if you’d like to listen while reading Pokerati and other sites, you are probably better off clicking the “mp3 file” link … which will open up the file in another window (or tab, if that is your choice).

4 Comments to “The Ins and Outs of the Dallas Underground”

  1. Doc John

    Really interesting discussion. Thanks for posting this, Dan. It would be great to have a follow-up on the same subject, with this guest or other knowledgeable individuals, now that things have changed a bit. Note to listeners: when you hear the goofy “echo,” it’s not your MP3 or your computer, but a problem on the telephone that resolves quickly during the interview. Don’t rush over to tinker with your audio on your computer.

  2. DanM

    You are welcome Dr. John. I thought it was kinda fascinating, too — especially in retrospect. As to the opening sound quality, that’s kinda become a trademark of Hold’em Radio.

    (Wade, that’s said with fondness and love.)

  3. Karridy

    Looking and listening back,.. I was horrible! But you, Dan, had some great questions. Drunk Radio will be a ton of fun this Wednesday!

  4. Karridy

    Wow… Did anybody catch the “Fuck that!” and all the other hillbilly rambling from the Hold’em Radio sound crew, which somehow made it into the ‘cast? FF to marker 33:10.