Bush Set to Sign Big Bad Gambling Law Today

by , Oct 13, 2006 | 8:48 am

So says the Associated Press. Los Angeles braces for riots. Rodney King pleas for peace. Online players damage mouse buttons en masse.

More info throughout the day here.

UPDATE: It’s over. I mean not really when it comes to playing … but the legal fight enters a new phase, one that likely won’t end for a while.

One Comment to “Bush Set to Sign Big Bad Gambling Law Today”

  1. jeh

    This seems like an ideal time for a small island nation to open a new classification for dual-citizenship. Call it a “Poker Citizen.” Apply online for dual-citizenship in Antigua, they issue you an e-passport (or you can go there and have one issued) and they set you up with a virtual residence at City Hall in St. John’s. Then you could legitimately shift your online poker accounts to your new dual-citizenship residence (making you a non-US player) and keep playing.

    This doesn’t, of course, address the real problem: this crap is going to run all the fish out of the game.