Go, Tommy, Go!

by , Oct 17, 2006 | 12:12 am

Tom Schneider — my partner in internet radio crime, defending Pokerati Invitational Champion/King, and my new best friend (I always say that when he’s doing well in a big-money tourney) — is doing really well in a big-money tourney. After Day 1 of Bellagio’s Festa al Lago $10k main event, he’s in 18th chip position with 100 players left. Sweet!

Check it out — quite the impressive field of pros with less than 200 players, something we haven’t seen in a long while, save for maybe the WSOP HORSE event. Tom tells me this is the kind of event he can really thrive in, so we’ll see what he does with that stack, as they are still a long way from the money. Tom also wonders why he gets no cred as a pro. Not sure why — indeed his tournament record and cash game play is far better than Clonie’s and he’s made three major final tables compared to her 0 … he’s got a book and everything. But over at PokerWire they either think his name is Tom Franklin or that he’s the second coming of Brandon Cantu.

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