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Wow, for the first time, the non-poker media is actually paying attention to non-poker issues. The result is some incredibly insightful stuff and the occasional pure bullshit:

First off, DICK MORRIS has an interesting column — penned a few days before the Safe Ports Act passed — asserting that were BILL FRIST still a doctor, he would be sued for malpractice for his tactics.

A finance site claims there’s nothing illegal about offshore banking poker middlemen (such as Neteller, Firepay, et al.).

But that didn’t stop NETELLER’S stock from taking a big hit.

Meanwhile, PARTY GAMING canceled its Oct. 31 dividends as it begins to shift some business gears. Here’s the best story I’ve seen so far explaining their numbers and future plans.

The blogging community in BUFFALO theoretically wants to engage in debate, but you aren’t allowed to use the word “poker”.

It is, however, good to see NON-POKER BLOGGERS calling a spade a spade and recognizing political fucked-uppedness.

British columnist SIMON YOUNG is questioning America’s whole “land of the free” concept.

The CALIFORNIA COUNCIL ON PROBLEM GAMBLING believes regulation would do more good than prohibition, particularly when it applies to the internet.

AWARD for WORST JOURNALISTIC ANALYSIS: In Washington State the owner of the DRIFT-ON INN says his poker room has been hurting, and the online ban should be a boon to his business. Apparently he sees the fact that 80 percent of his customers play online as the reason they don’t play live more often, CHRIS MONEYMAKER be damned.

Though NEVADA casinos used to think online gambling hurt their business, now they realize how important online is to them and how much a ban could hurt their business.

We probably shouldn’t forget that JC TRAN won $670k last week in the World Championship of Online Poker. Kinda ironic that this event was such a smashing success?

The MOTLEY FOOL has a sober, intelligent analysis of it all.

In SOUTH KOREA, they are declaring online gaming ready to go bust. I, of course, blame SANG.

Here’s a quality essay from a kid at UCLA. The multi-generational nature of poker suggests the issue will be around for quite some time.

Kinda interesting to see the MIDDLE EAST TIMES declaring that the ban on online gaming is destined to fail.

Of course BUSINESS WEEK sees plenty of loopholes, too.

The TECH MEDIA agrees that this law is unenforceable.

Of course that doesn’t stop the hurt for legitimate gaming executives in Europe, who are (finally) asking the governments of the UK and EU why they haven’t done anything to stop this mess.

MARKETING COMPANIES are also sure to be hurt.

Another sober, non-poker analysis — seeing this as an issue of PURITANISM and PROTECTIONISM.

More on protectionism.

A July column by SEN. JON KYL likening internet gambling to crack cocaine, which received negative response from Republicans who actually believe in smaller government. (Uh-duh, if crack and poker are the same, crack is cheaper and therefore comes with a more positive EV.)

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