by , Oct 26, 2006 | 4:50 pm

Some of the stuff on my screen(s) right now / a couple days ago … none of it is really relevant any more.

The MAINSTREAM MEDIA is starting to realize … hey, wait a minute, this “enforcement act” is pretty much unenforceable (legally speaking, of course).

This coupled with the market assessment that hey, $6 BILLION IN DEMAND ain’t just goin’ away.

Meanwhile, they are starting to speak in poker metaphors in QATAR. Financial analysts are apparently spreading the word. (Can we say … وقع فى النفس الرهبة, (مرعب, مهيب Asian poker, baby!

Here’s an old CardPlayer article by MIKE SEXTON. It’s about BILLY BAXTER and his fights with the IRS in the ’80s. In both federal district court and then at the U.S. Court of Appeals, judges affirmed that poker was indeed a game of skill (and thereby taxable as income, not windfall). The Feds threatened to take it to the Supreme Court, Baxter said “bring it!”, and the government folded.

Non-poker news crossing the sightline:

HARVARD LAW preparing for more politics and international courtroom scuffles.

Enron big-man JEFFREY SKILLING didn’t cause near the fiscal damage of a BILL FRIST, but he’s getting 24 years in the slammer/Club Fed.

LORETTA NALL, Alabaman for Governor:

Early in her campaign, she talked about how her misdemeanor arrest for marijuana possession in 2002 led her to start the U.S. Marijuana Party.Then she entertained readers of her campaign Web site with lots of information about her personal life, including a discussion of why she doesn’t wear panties.

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