Looks like the worm is beginning to turn…

by , Oct 12, 2006 | 10:18 am

FINALLY, some good news. Also, this is the most insightful piece I’ve read yet. Let the games begin.

2 Comments to “Looks like the worm is beginning to turn…”

  1. Jim

    I Agree, I have read Allyn columns since this all came to ahead. The panic that folks are having is unfounded. However, I do wish that the politicians would stay out of the way of folks having a good time. For all those ” gamblers” that are pissed off at the congressmen and Senators for passing this bill, did you do your part? Did you write your Senators? Are you part of the Poker Players Alliance? When it comes to voting this fall and beyond, make sure you are voting. We are all lazy and can do more. I see several comments from Professional poker players ticked off at Bill Frist and his cronies. Is that justified? or is this the only time that you noticed because it affects you.

    I appreciciate the comments from Sean and Amir, they understand what Capitalism means. Wealth without responsibilty is a means for corruption. Sean and Amir both felt that the Poker sites, ( raking ) upwards 1 to 2 million a day from you all, should have been aware and doing something about this long before it became poilitical. This is way business is conducted. From large corporations to lobbyist for the little guy. Can you say , Poker Alliance.


    All the rest of the Pro Players are politically ignorant on this issue. Emotionally attached to someone else doing their work for them. This sh** happens all the time. This is called politiics. If you are really interested in getting politics out of your business, then step up and do something about it. And sorry to say, but voting Democrat will not help one bit. Dissapointing isn’t it? the great party for the people is just as corrupt if not more so than the Republicans.
    If you are concerned about the politicians involving themselves in the percieved privacy of your little way of life, then you need to vote according to the political party that understands the rights of an individual.

  2. Bob

    The analysis in the article is exactly how I interpreted the bill, and I am no lawyer (just can apply common sense… oh, and I watch JAG… ;-P ).

    Even Reuters had said in an article yesterday that Congress had passed a bill banning interet gambling. I was appalled that a major news agency had done such poor homework (but, with all the knee-jerk speculation lately passing for reporting, I have little regard for so-called “journalists” any more).