Nolan Dalla Resigns from PokerStars

by , Oct 3, 2006 | 11:10 pm

Anyone who’s anyone in the poker media knows Nolan Dalla. As the longtime WSOP media director and the co-author of Stu Ungar’s biography, he’s kinda a guru to degenerates like me and Pauly. He’s a good person, and, quite frankly, he knows his shit. Thus, it’s with some dismay that I learn he has resigned from his post as a consultant to PokerStars. This move came from legal advice, he says … and I gotta believe it, because his PokerStars colleagues aren’t just his business partners, they are his longtime friends. More disheartening — particularly for a guy like me who thinks everything’s gonna be OK — is his insightful explanation of how this legislation will hurt Poker far more than it hurts any particular poker site.

4 Comments to “Nolan Dalla Resigns from PokerStars”

  1. Pauly

    I miss Nolan already.

  2. Russ Scott

    Nolan paints a pretty bleak picture, and he could easily be correct on all counts. I’m guessing the WSOP main event will drop to 3,000 to 4,000 players in 2007, and dwindle from there, unless this legislation is somehow overturned.

    Like Nolan, I haven’t emptied my online accounts (PokerRoom and Party) and have no fear the money will be there if I’m forced to withdraw.

    You can’t blame the sites for playing it safe in the wake of this bill. Jail’s no fun.

    What a mess!

  3. ukpokerplayer

    Americans should move to sunny Great Britain, Internet gambling is not thought upon as such a big deal in the UK in fact the Inland Revenue do not see any form of gambling as a stable enough income so therefore it is none taxable. Also our government is not as yet trying to save us from ourselves by banning online gambling.

    I think it beggars belief that something that was taxable one day becomes illegal the next.

  4. charlieblogtime

    While the good ship poker has hit an iceberg Nolan has beaten the women and children to the first lifeboat.
    Jack McClelland and myself are going to the lounge to check out the band.