On Becoming a Lesser Poker Player

by , Oct 23, 2006 | 10:31 pm

I’m just saying … it hurts a little bit, that’s all. It’s bad enough being turned away from Party tables because of the color of your president (though really, we understand why) … and now I was just checking out my favorite Spanish poker blog (Yo hablo un poquito … vamos a la playa …), and I noticed they had a poll kinda similar to the one Pokerati’s been running. Cool, I thought, everyone loves polls, and I felt confident enough in my translation to believe I could respond without jeopardizing its statistical integrity.

Alas, upon clicking “Mucho” — to answer a question about the effects of la prohibición del póquer — I received notice that my vote was ignored (in English) because I was visiting from a “blacklisted” locale. Don’t get me wrong … Go Spaniards! But do you also get a sense that some Euros are actually having a little more fun getting to play/love/live Texas Hold’em without us brash Neandertals Americans getting in the way?

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