Invasion of the Poker Bots

by , Oct 17, 2006 | 12:27 am

Amid all the legalistic hubbub, a potentially serious situation may or may not have developed over at Ultimate Bet last week … according to this surprisingly sober thread on StoxPoker, an army of Bots was unleashed on UB. Like more than 40 of them. And though there has been no official confirmation, the original poster’s investigative work done with PokerTracker combined with human interaction seems as convincing of anything poker-conspiratorial I’ve ever read. Click above and judge for yourself.

One of the forum people asks:

Is it against any law to have bots playing? I sure hope so.. it seems like poker sites dont really care.. they gett there share anyway

… and this I think is one of the more interesting issues in play. Because as of now, no … trying to file charges against Bots (or Bot-makers) seems akin to going to the police trying to get your money back on a crack deal gone awry. But it should be illegal (or at least worthy of legislative consideration). These are the kinds of poker laws that would be good for people.

And when it comes to setting legal precedents for the internet in general, combating malicious software will likely be a more important issue in the future.

Link props: Haley at KAP

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