Thank You, And Good Night

by , Oct 2, 2006 | 12:06 am

bfparty0086Todd’s tourney is over. He got 5th place (out of 225) in the $1,500 NLH event. Still don’t have a payout yet, but estimate is 19k. (Over/under?)

Says he went out via cracked aces. That’s all I know … oh, and that by making a non-second-chance WSOP circuit final table, he’s the first Batface to get CardPlayer P.O.Y. points.

(Congratulations, Todd! Seriously, you were due — have been playing great. Getting big pairs busted never bothers you, either.)

NOTE: Just discovered some quality semi-live coverage over at the BFs. Missed it all day and night … for some reason, the page wouldn’t (and still won’t) update upon refresh in Firefox. No prob with IE, however.

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