Firsthand Account: Jackie’s

by , Nov 18, 2006 | 6:25 am

jackie's after poker bust
Jackhammers? Are you serious, jackhammers? I mean machine guns and shields are one thing, but tools that could be better used for road repair?

From Steve, a Pokerati commenter:

Jackies was busted tonight…I was there…Dallas SWAT kicking in wall of glass with jackhammers…mask…automatic weapons…the whole nine yards. News cameras waiting as I left with my ticket asking if I had anything to say for the camera. I said know threw my jacket over my head and walked off…but I did shout back…”guess it’s a lot safer to bust a poker game than to raid something dangerous and catch some real criminals”. So sad…so true. In my humble opinion, the driving “force” behind these raids is not the law. It’s the Oklahoma and probably even the Louisiana Poker rooms putting money into some politicians pocket! That’s the real crime.

Steve, though I agree with your sentiment, and we’ll find out if the new Dallas DA does too (he says he’s interested in stopping real crime) … I’m not sure your retort will hold up in a court of law. But thanks for giving Pokerati the info you wouldn’t give the local news. These raids seemed to all go down simultaneously (at about 10:30) … and the guys at Jackie’s, I consider many of them good poker friends.

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  1. anonymous

    The news crews were from CBS 11 at Jackie’s

  2. Enrique

    The jackhammer sounded like bullets…I honestly thought some crackhead militia was doing a drive by and robbing the place..either way I don’t like AK47s in my face. An interesting point for you guys to ponder…

    § 47.02. Gambling

    (b) It is a defense to prosecution under this section that:

    (3) except for the advantage of skill or luck, the risks of losing and the chances of winning were the same for all participants.

    Any lawyers out there want to tell me if that is as obvious a loophole as I think it is?

  3. Wes

    It was strange. When I heard the first loud sound, I thought a TV had fallen off the wall. Then there was a pause of a few seconds, followed by more rapid sounds. I thought it sounded like a shotgun, not a pistol or a rifle, so I was counting the “shots” to seven thinking they would need to reload. By then everyone was on the floor and the police came in.

    The comparatively long pause after the first sound is curious. If there had been armed people inside who were determined to resist the police, that pause would have been very bad for the first officers in. It seems to me that the pause was either: (1) a mistake that would have cost police officer lives if they had been raiding a dangerous place, or (2) a warning to someone in the room. If it was the later, that makes the intensity of the raid seem even less justified. In other words, you can only justify all of the machine guns as protection for the police. but if they are so confident that no one inside will resist that they intentionally alert people inside that they are coming, then why all the machine guns?

    Once the police had control of the room there were several other loud sounds like we had heard before. I suppose they were busting interior doors.

    The police told everyone to sit down and put their hands on the table. I was facing away from the window they had come through and they said to look straight ahead, which I did. I could hear a reporter behind me in the parking lot: “All of the players behind me . . . wait, let’s start over”

    When I left, there was a camera man whose camera was off and a reporter. He asked: “Do you have a minute?” I said: “No,” and that was it. The girls who work next door were out front watching it all. They were laughing and smiling. “Did you get a ticket?” one asked. “Yes.” “Don’t worry, sweetie, you won’t get in any real trouble.” I suppose she knows.

  4. The Fat Guy » Blog Archive » Not a good time to be a Dallas card player

    […] The coppers made three poker-room raids last night, complete with machine guns, shields, undercover officers masking their identity and jackhammers. […]

  5. FoolsRun

    I have another first hand account! Thanks for your work DanM – you have a great site! Check out the story:

  6. TommyTwoToes

    i never thought jackies would get raided… whats next the RM?

  7. steve

    Probably not…I hear RM is connected to the DA…in fact…word is a senior DA plays there regularly.

  8. steve

    As a matter of interest, here’s an example of the
    type of people that were at Jackie’s last night:

    2 Attorneys
    3 School teachers
    1 Phsychiatric nurse
    2 Telecom Executives
    1 Car Salesman
    A whole passel of retirees of various sorts

    Oh and let’s take a look at the Aces bust this summer…

    An SMU professor and his wife
    At least two attorneys
    One Plastic Surgeon

    Sure sounds like a bunch of dangerous hoods doesn’t it!

    Just think about it…if you were Dallas SWAT…who would you want to be chasing down…drug dealers…child molesters…murderers…or the bunch of folks citing around playing in a $60 buy in tournament.

    The other aspect, who stands to gain if poker in Dallas dies and poker players drive an hour north to the Indian Casinos in Oklahoma. As the saying goes, follow the money.

    The only game going right now with any degree of security is one rumored to have one or more players from the Dallas district attorneys office who play regularly in the game. I don’t know if that’s true or not…only that they haven’t been busted and don’t seem to be worried about it.

  9. steve

    I forgot to mention something that is unconfirmed but I do trust the source…who says that he heard that the dealers from Jackies were taken straight to the IRS offices last night and were interrogated for four hours! Now that’s scary.

  10. john

    Cops have been to RM before. Banged on the door and was let in to inspect the place and left even though they saw a couple of poker games going on.

  11. C Wolford

    Please post the story under the pic of the guy cleaning up again.

    I have comments to leave later today, first hand info comments. VERY INTERESTING.

  12. Loophole

    To answer your question Enrique, it isn’t that easy. In order to meet the affirmative defense set out in Texas Penal Code 47.02(b), you have to meet all three criteria: (1) the game must be in a private place (defined elsewhere in the statute as a place to which the general public does not have access); (2) nobody can make any money off of the game other than what they win in the pot (i.e. the house can’t rake the pot and the dealers volunteer their time); and (3) other than the advantages of skill or luck, everyone has to have the same chance to win (i.e. the game can’t be rigged).

    Where it falls apart for card rooms (and the people who play there) is, obviously, in the second requirement. If the house rakes the pot, it doesn’t matter if the game’s not rigged, and it doesn’t matter if it happens in the most private place of all (no, not there).

  13. brett

    Any news on guys and girls who were working on Friday Night? Also, any truth to the IRS report?

  14. DanM

    C Wolford I am a little confused about your request … are you saying you want this post at the top again?

  15. Woody

    Brett – One of the dealers at JBs confirmed the IRS issue.

  16. Wolford

    Sorry, I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. I thought the pic of the cleaning guy at Jackie’s was posted over some of the story. I was there when the cleaning guy arrived. He certainly had a shocked look on his face and not speaking English, didn’t help me explain to him at all. fortunately, his cell rang and it was someone that spoke English also and he handed me the phone. I explained to the phone person, the place had been raided by the police and the dealers were in jail and to ask this man to please clean up the best he could. This was about 8AM Sat morning. I had been around the jail since 5AM to bond out a person from RedMan’s (aka Jackie’s) and eventually was told the judge would not be in until 9 or 10. Bond was set about 1:15 finally at $500 for everybody and I posted bond at 1:30, went to eat as they told me it would be about 4-6 hours before he would be released. I went by Jackie’s again after lunch, about 2:30 and the place looked like Iraq again!

    You all can see the pic of the cleaning man there, the floor is clean and the chairs are in over. OKKKKKKKKKKK, since I was there that morning, looters had come in and removed the big screen TV, other TV’s , vcr’s dvd player, game eqpt, etc. as well as 2 new leather sofas bought that Friday morning. The ho’s next door, yes, you heard me right, came over to say that a man went in there with a shopping basket. I said, what did you think he was doing, shopping at a department store or something. They said he came out with a TV and vcr. They volunteered they took some things, sodas, yes, right! They said a gray dually new pickup backed up to the door and loaded the big screen TV and new sofas. They said it was 2 white men, and a black guy and the black guy never got out. It was a field day for looters for sure. Someone was there about 1:30 kinda guarding the door and they put plywood on the door so they could be shut and the place somewhat secure. The police impounded all of the vehicles of the dealers which cost me $138.00 to get my persons out and they explained that the reason they did this is so they couldn’t be held liable if anything was to happen to the cars since they had arrested the owners of the autos.
    DUH, who is liable for leaving the doors busted down to this place as in wide open for the world to see and enter.

    Yes, the treasury dept. official visit did happen, some questions were asked and I don’t think anybody volunteered any information. It was 3:30 am before the group from jackie’s was booked in, or started the bookin process and like I say my person walked out at 3:50 which was a very quick time after the bond was paid.

    I was told by the bond clerk this was an arrest made by the city but originated in the county. I am most upset that these dealers were given a Class A gambling charge which is the worst and they are not promoting gambling which is what a Class A is all about with the stiffest penalty.
    Our court date is 12-11.

    This certainly will be interesting to see how it plays out since Jackie’s as everybody calls it by this generic name is
    a Red Men Club, which is the oldest fraternal organization chartered by Congress and they donate heavily to the community i/e. Alzheimers Assoc. etc.

    one other thing, The RedMen bank account has been frozen.

  17. Dominick

    I just can’t believe that the city of Dallas doesn’t have anything better to do than shut down a card room. Where is the pressure to shut down a card room coming from, why do they even give a shit? Anyone who has ever played at Jackie’s knows that the people who run it are nothing but friendly helpful and just great people. I’ve been playing at Jackie’s for the past year and the friendship and good times I’ve had there will truly be missed. Each Friday night or Sunday afternoon I would play in a tournament only to forget all the BS that may have happen that past week. It was the only time I wasn’t worried or thinking about work, kids, wife or whatever. Where else can you find a place that people from all walks of life that can sit down for a few hours and make each other laugh? Thanks Dallas, I’m sure the city is safer now that Jackie’s has been shut down, job well done!

    Jackie’s treated everyone the same with a smile. I hope they find a way to surface because my Friday night and Sunday afternoon will never be the same.

  18. Woody

    Jackie’s and RedMan are the same???

  19. DanM

    Charitable work and generally good poker citizenship apparently hasn’t done much for Richard Lee’s case. But it’s still early in the tournament his legal proceedings … sowe’ll see.

  20. Judy The Kitchen Lady

    Well guys I will miss each of you!! I have enjoyed caring for and feeding each one of you. Thanks for the opportunity to work with such a great group of people. THANX JUDY

  21. DanM

    Jackie’s had the best home-cooked food in town, that was for sure, Judy. No where else came close.

  22. tomd

    I was there, part of the final 12 right as it got busted. What a complete shame that the DPD has nothing better to do, and even worse, that it took 25+ cops to take down 40-ish, 40 year olds playing in a 60 dollar game.

    One of my thoughts that night: I’m sure none of you officers play poker….

    other thought: I feel bad for the dealers – a bunch of good people just doing what they enjoy without any real threat to society at large.

    Good luck to all of you.

  23. Arlin

    Dallas Swat can’t catch me ridin’ dirty

  24. John

    Woody, Most folk consider another location as Redman.

    Jackies has only been a Redman for about a year although Jackie has been involved in Redman for many years.

  25. Kevin S

    THANK YOU JUDY! I was out of town when all this happened, just read about last night! I am going to miss those great meals! Take care, Kevin

  26. John

    I’m not sure if this will work, and I don’t know much about the Dallas scene, but if the dealers were working entirely for tips, then they weren’t technically making money from the game. It wont help with the people running the game, but just something that might help the dealers legally. Of course, I doubt I have any legal advice that a good lawyer wouldn’t think of. I wish you guys the best…hopefully we will have sensible gambling laws in this country sometime in the future.

  27. Beti

    Hi everybody! I just want to thank all of you players for all the support. We had a great place with great dealers and players, who I consider all as friends. The great times we all had will truly be missed. I also wanted to let you all know that everybody is ok and now all we have to do is get a lawyer to prove that we are all innocent. 🙂 hehe. Again, I will miss all you guys!!!!!

    P.S. Jail was rough. 🙁

  28. Applebee

    Whats up kids. Some of the greatest times I’ve ever had were at Jackies and with the people from jackies. I’ve probably met 90% of the players in dallas through and around that place. I’ve played with you guys for 40 hours at a time. I’ve ran the cage while you guys played for three days straight. I’ve dealt to you for years now, and I’m not ready to give that up. I just want to say you can’t kill poker in dallas. They don’t call it texas hold’em for nothing.

    Don’t cry for Jackie’s. It’s not over. It’s only just begun.

    9-5 NUTS!

  29. Wolford

    Beti, Plz email me

  30. DanM

    Welcome back, Beti and Nic the Straddler (and Isaac, and Scott, and Josh and Jason and the rest)!

    Nic, I’d like to contribute to your legal defense fund … but I think I already have on numerous occasions.

  31. Venita

    Beti!! So glad you checked in — I’ve been SO worried about you guys!! Glad you’re all OK.

  32. Kevin S

    I guess judging by their decsriptions on the warrant that they had undercover officers playing right beside us prior to all this happening?

  33. Venita

    That’s what I understand. I’ve been given a couple of names, but of course I don’t know for sure if they’re the ones. I don’t know one of them, and the other I remember meeting someone with that name, but I can’t remember the face.

  34. Woody

    Yes, Kevin. At the raids, several of the officers donned hoods that covered their entire face (except eyes) and also wore sunglasses. They kept them on the entire time, and also identified the individuals that were associated with the house (i.e., a couple of the house players were sitting at a table playing; they were also arrested, unlike the other non-house players that were only issued citations). So these officers clearly knew who was who and did not want their identity revealed.

  35. Venita

    I was given a couple of names, but of course I can’t be sure. I remember meeting someone with one of the names, but I can’t remember a face. The other one I never even heard of.

  36. Arlen

    First…. who is Arlin with an i…. never met you…. this is the original Arlen… To the gang at Jackies… I am so sorry you had to go thru that, I saw the video an was shocked, I am glad that you are all ok. I am sure it was a frightening experience.

  37. DanM

    were you able to identify the sunglasses? i would think some poker players would look more familiar in such attire.

  38. steve


    Send me an email…

  39. Venita

    Steve — glad you’re OK. You looked great on TV. OK, well you would if I could see through that coat. ha ha.

    One of our players just talked to Isaac — they know who the informant was.

  40. soda

    ass betti. you were supposed to call me

  41. jim hughs

    Beti,Steve,Issac,Scott,Earl,Cliff,Bros J&J Jud and all the rest of the staff and my playing friends. We will see each other again! Loved the room and all the people involved both players and staff. Great food, good games and alot of fun for a long time. Good luck and stay in touch.
    By the way what happens to our tournament points:)

  42. steve


    Same back at ya…by the way…I know Tony had some points but I didn’t realize you did as well…:).

    Man am I going to miss Jackies! As most of you know, Jackie’s tournaments were the only poker I played any unless anymore unless I get to Vegas…Tulsa…or one of the other “legal” venues. Now, what are we going to do on Tuesdays…Fridays…and Saturdays. Maybe someone will figure out a way we can get together to have a tourny every once in a while.

    Happy thanksgiving to everyone.

  43. jim hughs

    Of course I had points! And if this had not happened I would have been points leader and well ahead of you as always:) If you find a place give me a call. I am already going thru Jackies withdrawals. It is Friday! What am I going to do. I guess T and I can sit around and watch her cat sleep. LOL

    You guys stay in touch,I would like to think we will all find a place to get back together.