Go Christian Poker (in Las Vegas)!

by , Nov 5, 2006 | 3:48 am

Pokerati brother-in-law Will in Omaha writes in to inform us about one of his former students who’s apparently in good with the poker gods. Recent UT grad Jess Newman earned more than $160k by winning the $3,000 Festa al Lago event. Very well done.

OK, so maybe this took place almost a month ago … but hey, it takes time for the evangelical Christian blogosphere to link up with the poker blogosphere, so hopefully we can be forgiven for the reporting delay.

By the way, if you are ever a little curious about Godstuff, I strongly encourage you to read Will’s new book … The Kingdom of Couches: Fighting for Communal Faith in an Individual Age. While I still contend he should have gone with my suggested title (Aces Full of Kingdoms), it’s a good read … better than Sklansky, that’s for sure. Seriously, even if you’re a card-carrying heathen and doubt the probability of life after poker … you’re still likely to be entertained by the antics of a born-again blogger who tries to save souls during Spring Break beach parties and prays with cheap hookers in the New York City subway system. … only to discover Christianity itself might need a little saving.

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