Go Dallas Poker (in Oklahoma)!

by , Nov 5, 2006 | 2:46 am

Because legal poker is not, er, legal in Texas … it’s always good to hear about the people from our beloved state heading up north to Oklahoma to help the children who really need it. And that’s what happened this weekend at the Cherokee Poker Classic, outside of Tulsa. The primary ass-kicker: Thea Temple (left). Congrats, Thea!

ALT HED: Her Poker Is Her Temple

Thea started out playing a $200+30 Ladies limit hold’em event, in which she took 3rd … winning her $3k. Then the next day she competed in the $200+30 Ladies no-limit hold’em event and won it … for a $5,904 payout. Together, that won her the “Ladies Series Best All-Around Player Award” — resulting in an extra $1,200 and a trophy awarded by Kathy Liebert (center).

Congratulations again. Very well done. Much better than I could’ve done in those events, for sure.

DID YOU KNOW: Thea’s college English professor was Howard Lederer’s dad.

One Comment to “Go Dallas Poker (in Oklahoma)!”

  1. Doc John

    There are very few players anywhere who are more gracious and classy at the table than Thea Temple. Always unassuming and terrifically fun, she alternates between being a stealth bomber and a nuclear bunker buster, albeit beautifully decorated. She can keep track of what’s going on at a table better than most, and she smiles so nicely you just want to keep giving her your money.