InstaPoker (Dallas SWAT edition)

by , Nov 25, 2006 | 12:54 pm

Heading out for a little family-time vacation … but before I go, here’s a round-up of what others have been saying about the triple-hit to Dallas poker.

OMAHA, Nebraska–Enjoying a little family-time vacation. Hope you are, too. But before I head out to the local church and then casino, here’s a round-up of what others have been saying about the triple-hit to Dallas poker last week.

First, the news videos — CBS 11’s exclusive live coverage of DALLAS SWAT vs. glass walls and poker … and NBC 5’s less dramatic report.

The second CBS story (they led with it twice) here.

UNCLE BARKY reminds us that these televised raids happened to coincide with SWEEPS. Ah, now it makes sense. Brought to our attention by Texas Gigs. MIKE ORREN’s sibling site PegasusNewswire is also on top of legislative developments.

Some relevant numbers related to the Dallas SWAT offensive

November poker arrests: 20
Ticketed players: 79
Cash ceased: $43,929
Weapons found: 0
Drugs found: 0
Players with outstanding warrants: 0

A SMART PERSON over at ScienceBlogs offers more numbers:

Dallas is one of the most violent cities in the nation, with a violent crime rate 3 times higher than the national average. The murder rate of 20.2 per 100,000 people is nearly 4 times the national average. Rape occured in Dallas about 50% more than the national average, while robbery and aggravated assault were more than double the national average.

That PISSES OFF The Fat Guy … but we already knew that.

Here’s what the kids at 2+2 are saying. A few more firsthand details, a spoiled Vegasite who doesn’t get the whole UNDERGROUND thing, and a New Yorker calling NYPD SOFT compared to Dallas. (“And I thought the NYPD was rough, [but] we had it easy compared to those raids.”)

Speaking of NEW YORK, a Long Island VFW game also had masked, gun-wielding men bust in and take almost $40,000 on the same night of the Dallas raids, but their guys were ROBBERS, not cops.

This comes via Part-time Poker Forums.

Peeps are also talking about it on East Texas Poker.

And Weston Poker, of course.

Over at the Google version of RGP, GARY CARSON says, “People attempted to run from a Dallas Swat team and aren’t dead? Wow. Lucky mother fuckers.”

REASON MAGAZINE is really unhappy about the PARAMILITARIZATION of America’s police forces. More than 50 comments about the Dallas raids from non-poker people.

Did you know the Dallas SWAT team has a 1959 tank built by ROLLS ROYCE in its arsenal? ATLANTA SWAT has two of ’em.

Speaking of Atlanta, earlier this week plain-clothes vice cops in that city busted into the wrong house with guns drawn, and when the 92-year-old resident OPENED fire on the intruders, Police blew her to KINGDOM COME.

The BRITS are gunless pussies concerned about American SWAT teams killing innocent citizens as if they were IRAQIS.

Back to poker … at least one HOUSTON ATTORNEY is concerned about DPD tactics, and points to a map of botched police raids in the United States.

But we shouldn’t have to worry about Dallas SWAT making any MISTAKES — they train in Oregon.

Of course that doesn’t make THE GERMANS feel any better about what went down in Dallas.

BIG BOB WILONSKY was one of the first to spread the word about Dallas poker woes to our local non-poker brethren.

The POKER PLAYERS ALLIANCE BLOG has been with us the whole time, too.

A forum of POKER AFFILIATES talking about us.


LOU KREIGER has some intelligent thoughts on the matter — and his commenters are clearly smarter than Pokerati’s:

According to the reporters, last year, 3 people were arrested and 8 citations were issued. This year, 31 people were arrested and 180 citations were issued. Now, a reasonable person might ask, what’s changed from last year.

The answer, they now play poker at two Indian Casinos in Oklahoma, an hour from Dallas!

Last, before heading out, I wanted to point out that the DALLAS POLICE are kinda-sorta on our side, making the argument for legalizing poker when LT. CHRISTINA SMITH says:

“Poker is not regulated, so these people who are running these poker houses charge a lot of money, [and] there’s no way to check to see if what they’re doing is proper.”

That, of course, is our point exactly. And that SWAT teams probably aren’t the best allocation of resources to attempt to do so.

12 Comments to “InstaPoker (Dallas SWAT edition)”

  1. stevetel

    So, after carefully considering the entire situation, the most likely purpose of the raid is to benefit the Indian Casinos in Oklahoma by closing Dallas underground poker rooms. And, the most likely reason for using SWAT was to get some TV time and exposure for the A&E program as well as to give Channel 11 news something to boost a pathetic news programs sweep week ratings.

    Now, you tell me, where’s the real crime in this whole episode? I would love to see this put it in front of a jury to see what they had to say.

    By the way, I was at one of these rooms when it went down and the careless, brutal and rude attitudes of the police officers involved was appalling. It is obvious that the psychological profiling used to screen the officers on the DPD SWAT teams is terribly inadaquate.

    These officers, sworn to protect and serve, were totally over the top in the way they treated people who were doing nothing but playing cards. Of course, as I have said over and over again in these discussions, it is much safer to raid a poker game than to be out trying to catch real criminals!

    Cowards and bullies…not everyone of them…but enough of them to make me sick…to treat people as I witnessed on Friday November 17 makes me ashamed to live in Texas and that’s something I never thought I would have to say.

  2. Dominick

    I still can’t get over how the City of Dallas used these poker rooms to stage these bull-shit raids. I have live and traveled all over the country (now reside in Dallas) and to witness this level of brutally, rudness and waste of tax payers dollars will be hard to forget. Having played at Jackie’s this past year it was no surprise that no drugs or guns were found. It was a great place to play cards. I hope they find a way to re-open somewhere else, but again once the city needs to show some strength they would just do it again.

    This really sucks; I could type forever venting my frustration, what a fucking waste. Nice job SWAT team hope you went home that night knowing that you busted a great group of people and left the city a little safer, yea right…


    The thing that puzzles me is all the time the city is spending on these raids to get a bunch of misdemeanor charges. Shouldn’t the SWAT be used only strictly for felony cases. Could you imagine if SWAT would be used to serve all the misdemeanor warrants. I might be looking down the barrel of a machine gun the next time I forget to pay a traffic ticket.

  4. Phoenix

    It looks like North Dakota is the best place to have a poker house. The map shows no police action there, lets go!

  5. onespadefourhearts

    dan can you please explain to me why when the raids went down did they take all the tvs and other items at ace high and not jackies…i was told by friends at ace high they saw swat taking the big screens and plasmas but in the story about jackies, looters took all the tvs from there…why is that? what makes the two place different? would that hold any value to the court cases? also what about jbs did they take all the tvs and other items there like jackies or ace high?

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  7. Venita

    I happened to find myself playing beside a former Houston PD narcotics officer at Winstar last Wednesday nite (yes, I had to drive an hour to play poker!!), and of course the talk turned to the raids. I mentioned that I thought the Dallas SWAT debacle could have been SO dangerous, and he wholeheartedly agreed with me. He mentioned that if someone had happened to make a false move, such as put their hand in their pocket, it could have been a really bad scene.

    By the way, I’ve been to Winstar twice since the raids . . . I’m seeing a lot of familiar faces.

  8. Bob Johnson

    Any further news\confirmation about federal or irs involvement?

  9. jackietrehorn

    My question is why was Ch. 11 there for the raid and the other channel not? The only reason is that Ch. 11 had an inside track on where and when the raid was taking place. How could that be? Did the police tip off the station (for their own PR purposes) or did the station tip off the police on the games? Definitely there had to be some communication between the two. Just sayin’

  10. Intan

    Are these places all run by the same group? It looks like the same group runs multiple places and Dallas police are just trying to take them down.

  11. DanM

    Intan, these places are definitely not run by the same people. at best they are friendly adversaries who occasionally face of at a poker table somewhere. dallas underground poker is about as disorganized of a “crime” as you can find.

    (no offense to my good friends who run poker rooms — please don’t send the hitmen out to kill me.)

  12. Scott Chaffin

    My question is why was Ch. 11 there for the raid and the other channel not?

    Where’s Sarah Dodd work these days?