Jackie’s Warrant

by , Nov 21, 2006 | 7:21 am

For those interested in perusing legal documents, here’s the Dallas County search and arrest warrant from Jackie’s. Click to read:

Page 1 — the basics of the warrant, including property they are looking for.
Page 2 — names and descriptions of people targeted for arrest.
Page 3 — illegible signature of magistrate who signed it.
Page 4 — inventory sheet, which DPD left blank.

5 Comments to “Jackie’s Warrant”

  1. Scott Chaffin

    LL = Livia Liu?

    The recently ousted Republican Livia Liu, I might add…

  2. DanM

    I dunno. She was more than a magistrate, no? I don’t think you need to be very powerful to sign this warrant. I do know it’s a county deal, not a city one. Perhaps some of our attorney readers can interpret the signature?

  3. Scott Chaffin

    I can’t claim to know the structure and logistics of obtaining a warrant, but I think ‘magistrate’ means ‘any breathing judicial type’. And aren’t all the criminal courts county courts? Either way, she’s the only one on the roster of judges in Dallas Co. with the initials LL.

  4. jeh

    Typically it’s a magistrate that signs warrants, but any county court at law or district court judge could sign them too.

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