October Traffic Stats

by , Nov 5, 2006 | 4:54 am

It’s probably no surprise that tons of major important online poker news this month led to quite the surge in readership for providers of quality poker information on the internet. At least I’m assuming it did. But Pokerati wouldn’t know, as we experienced our lowest monthly traffic of the year:

Uniques: 18,227
Visits: 47,680
Page Views: 227,833
Avg. Visit Duration: 9 min 22 sec

Apparently that’s what happens when your site crashes daily for two weeks straight. It’s all your fault, really. Oops, sorry about that. Lesson learned … It’s time for Pokerati to suck it up and shell out the extra $20 a month to handle an increase in Google searches and refresh requests.

4 Comments to “October Traffic Stats”

  1. Dallasite

    Is your core audience Dallas/Tx people or nationally focused?

    I’ve noticed the news on the site increasingly becoming more national in scope and less re: Dallas following the Aces crackdown and subsequent admittal of law enforcement perusing the boards 🙂 As a result, there is less “value add” re: the local poker scene vs the past (just my 2 cents.)

    And obviously the technical issues are annoying as hell 🙂

  2. DanM

    Dallasite, your smiley faces are appreciated. Anonymous asshole. Seriously, duly noted, and thanks for your feedback!

  3. Ed

    I gotta vote for the technical issues causing the drop in viewers. I don’t see the hardcore readers not stopping by daily/weekly to see what new and exciting things Dan has put up on the site.


  4. DanM

    Aww, Ed … thanks for the kinds words. you are the gayest best.