“One Bank, One Card, [One Poker] All Over the World”

by , Nov 28, 2006 | 10:07 am

You may have noticed that the unintentionally hysterical video of some corporate suits doing a cover of a U2 song (included in a post here) has been removed from YouTube. I had read some ramblings somewhere about Bank of America’s efforts to get it taken down. But ahh, fortunately it’s hard to get rid of shit on the internet, and someone has reposted it here for those of us who need our daily fix of reminders about why we reject certain ways of life. This version has added some editorial comment, but I still suspect B of A will still be able to get that version of “One Bank” removed, too — so thus I won’t waste any space embedding it here.

But one thing they won’t be able to remove is David Cross doing a cover of the cover. Viral 21st Century pop-cultural commentary at its finest.

Again, we should remember that “these” are the people the online poker industry paid to prevent passage of the UIGEA. While backing the banking industry was clearly the wrong move in hindsight, we should also remember that having failed, these people are now charged with figuring out how to enforce the online poker ban … so we’ve got that going for us. Their deadline is during the main event of the 2007 WSOP.

CLARIFICATION: By “these people” I am referring to the banking fucks industry, not David Cross or Bono.

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