Shana Hiatt Rewind

by , Nov 28, 2006 | 10:21 am

Shana Hiatt will be making her comeback — thanks to some injunctive relief granted by the judge in her case against the WPT — in January, as she hosts “Poker after Dark” on NBC. In the meantime, enjoy this video of the lovely poker hostess’s bloopers and outtakes with the operation that is now trying to keep her off the air:

(So cute.)

(via Wagering War.)

NOTE: Trying to find a link to the latest on her case, one that spells out some specifics on the injunction. Can anyone help?

UPDATE: Apparently I am way behind the times when it comes to Shana Hiatt legal news. Steve from NBC points me to Wicked Chops for the latest. (Dude, guys, I swear I read your site.) So maybe I just dreamed up the injunction stuff — because really, I thought her case against the WPT was still in process. And I thought Steve Lipscomb was trying to keep her from working in poker because of those Asian shows. Oops, sorry about that. Still enjoy the video.

CONCLUSION: Journalism is hard. Accuracy even harder.

3 Comments to “Shana Hiatt Rewind”

  1. Karridy

    That video just won her about 30 hot points for me.

  2. The Poker Babe

    She definitely is a bonafide hottie. Just love the way she does those faces. But I certainly think pound for pound Courtney Friel has more substance than Shana. Or have you seen Sabina Gadecki? Or those Brit-chicks – Caroline Flack and Natalie Pinkham??? Lot of babe-quotient in poker these days…

    The Poker Babe

  3. Michele Lewis

    I haven’t followed her case, although I have been interested. You are way more up to date than me. I did like the blooper video. We already know she is beautiful but now we know she has a great personality as well.