Morning-After Pics: Ace High

by , Nov 21, 2006 | 12:10 am

Some images post-raid:

Ace high is located on Swiss Avenue in a relatively quiet neighborhood, a few blocks away from Baylor hospital, next door to a Pilates studio, and across the street from various philanthropic organizations.

Police struggled to get in.

Here’s pretty much what they busted into, according to the spam sent out inviting people to Friday’s game.

And here’s what it looked like after that game broke. Raucous action, to say the least.

The Dallas SWAT team left a mess behind.
I wonder if they realize that playing poker is the same level of offense as littering.

They cleaned out the cage almost completely. And the office.

But they left a little money behind?

And some cake. And beverages, not-alcoholic variety, you may notice.
(Jaycee, I hope you’re not mad … but I helped myself to a bottle of water. DPD, I apologize for messing with a crime scene, but I was thirsty.)

More destruction — like really, the armored cops had a hard time busting through the fine construction of hip lofts put in a previously crime-ridden neighborhood.

Players tried to flee out the back door …

But that fence is far too high. Poker players could climb a smaller fence perhaps …

Cops had some fun with the white board before they left.

And such is the death of a poker room — second time around for this one.

For all the Ace High photos, click here.

11 Comments to “Morning-After Pics: Ace High”

  1. Scared little Gambler

    Quick! put the chairs on top of the tables , maybe they won’t see the poker tables…..
    Eat the CHIPS! No! not the doritos you dumb ass….

  2. tk money

    dan please be fair that was super ram resistant reinforced window glass. i thought they really did a fine job overcoming that obstacle. thats why they spend hours and hours training for just that type of high risk entry.

  3. The Fat Guy » Blog Archive » On the Ground, Granny

    […] Via DanM…who has pictures of the damage done with your tax dollars by our highly-trained Special Weapons Assault Team. Special. Weapons. Assault. Team. Tough guys. Bad mofos. For people playing fucking cards. I used to back the blue…before they turned into teevee stars. I think I’ll take care of me and my own from here on out, thanks…don’t need no Hollywood cocksuckers paying for their version of my law and order. […]

  4. Willie

    From the previous thread… it would be kinda fun to set up a poker table in front of Dallas City Hall and play a game next time they’re in session. You’d have to file to hold a rally/march so they don’t bust you for trespassing, and I’m not sure whether in the poker/gambling statutes it says you have to hold it on private property.
    Hell, if Johnson can burn a US flag on the steps up to City Hall, then I’m sure you can play a little poker there.

  5. Karridy

    Willie is a genious. As long as we all sit down with empty pockets, COUNT ME IN! I’ll be happy to provide plenty of tables, chips, etc. Somebody else please step up and donate the shirts reading “Criminal” on the back and we’re good to go.

  6. Nick Charles

    So peopelare playing poker with chips…..Hmmmm. I better throw out the Texas Hold Em set I got for Christmas last year!

    Actually, the “public” information (just try and actually get it) about who the officers involved are, what the warrant said (assuming there was a warrant), what was the probable cause, etc. etc. needs to be obtained.

    These fascist SWAT teams are not meant to serve warrants – they are meant for things like hostage situations. They are using military grade weapons against the citizens which is absolutely nuts. This is how people are getting killed ( see Radley Balko’s book – Overkill: the Militarization of the Police in America).

    The only way this stuff is going to stop is by publicizing and suing … or should I say soo-eee, soo-ee, soo-eee, here piggy, piggy, piggy

  7. TommyTwoToes

    the statutes say that if it is played for money(or anything of value) it must be in a private place(aka home)… we could play it as long as no money of thing of value was at stake …and we had the proper permits… (and of course not rake/tip/profit from sales of t-shirts and panties is taken etc )…

    proper permits would likely have to be a parade cause we would be setting up a table/structure and not just marching around. I am no lawyer , i did however sleep at a holiday inn express last night…

  8. John

    No, the only way it is going to stop is the law being changed.

    Although our current govenor has been know to have been in a Red Man club in another city in Texas, YOU SHOULD HAVE VOTED FOR KINNKY.

  9. Scott Chaffin

    What the hell would Kinky do to stop the City of Dallas’ latest crusade? Nothing, that’s what. This is a local issue. Do you see Mesquite SWAT or DeSoto SWAT or even Ft. Worth SWAT busting down doors to flex-cuff grannies?

  10. one spade 4 hearts

    im down with that poker in front of city hall. these cops are going way overboard. i wonder how many crack dealers so there crack while they were busy bothering people who bothered nobody. and how many gang members stole cars robbed people or killed people. i would like to see the warrant for ace high…and why did they take all the tvs and other stuff at ace high and not redman?????kinda weird

  11. Nick Charles

    John: With respect, don’t you get it? The laws ARE being changed. The Posse Commitatus Act is now dead. Habeas Corpus is now dead. SWAT teams have been turned into military units with sub-machine guns with no accountability. The laws now allow “No-Knock” warrants. And the “announcements”, if made during a raid are typically mumbled (trust me) simultaneously with the smashing in of your doors, concurrent with flash-bang grenades being exploded and in too many cases accompanied by automatic weapons fire. All of this is now legal and by the book. And we wondr why people are getting maimed and killed (such as the 92 year old woman in Atlanta blown away as she tried to defend herself against unknown intruders (undecover cops)kicking in her doors the other day)?

    Did you know that the previous laws making such actions illegal had been changed? Bet not. The problem is they have been changed without “we the people’s knowledge”.

    Yes the laws have to be changed back – and the only way to make that happen is to publicize, petition our “representatives (do they really represent us?) and sue the crap out of the police – personally and professionally.