The New Face of Poker Commercials

by , Nov 8, 2006 | 7:54 am

Perhaps the best thing about the UIGEA will be the end to all those terrible PartyPoker ads (and that song!) on American TV … Check out these Full Tilt videos I just stumbled upon (via Bill Rini’s sitemeter), which tell you quite a bit about who online poker sites are marketing to these days.

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Phil Ivey's wife getting FUCKED!

Do you play so much poker that your wife is probably banging other dudes? Phil Ivey feels your pain.

John Juanda rips a big one

Are you kinda socially awkward, a la John Juanda, but still fully entertained by great farting?

Erik Seidel gay

And gay or not, Erik Seidel speaks to probably half the Batfaces in some capacity or another.

3 Comments to “The New Face of Poker Commercials”

  1. Windbreaker

    I must be in the minority. I thought these were hilarious when I got them in my email a few months back, and think the other Full Tilt and Party Poker ads are pretty damn clever. Maybe its just because I do 75% of my poker watching on my DVR and don’t have to see them all over and over and over. But I’ll take most poker ads over a lot of others any day.

  2. DanM

    Maybe I mis-wrote … I thought these ads were GREAT! (Though I did have to watch two of them twice to fully “get it.”)

    The party ads, however … with the blow-up doll, the dog, the lie detector … please. very tiring after the 184th time seeing them.

  3. Venita

    Oh my GAWD!!! Are those for real? The Seidel one was pretty tame, but the Ivey one was pretty out there! I wonder how his wife feels about that one . . .