Vote for Poker!

by , Nov 7, 2006 | 7:01 am

Remember, today is a day where we can stick it to the man have our say in the American political process.

If you live in Dallas County and need help figuring out wheredafug you are supposed to go (I know I’ve got that card somewhere) click here.

And if you have a bad memory/smoke lots of pot, you can find your printable pro-poker ballot cheat sheet here.

Also, Lavigne in Austin wants you to know that Chris Bell (D) deserves your pokery vote for Texas governor, too. Here is his proof. Alas, I will be voting for Kinky … and it’s kinda sad, too … because the reality is that the way Texas works, the vote will pretty much come down to pro-status-quo and anti-status-quo … but the good side (anti-status-quo) will probably be split up three ways, allowing Rick Perry (R) to win. Seriously, he’s like the worst one of all four. Even die-hard Republican Wick Allison thinks he sucks it big. (And I happen to know from my days in the strip-club biz that he is as hypocritically corrupt as they come.)

UPDATE: OK, Paul Burka has me thinking maybe I should indeed give my vote to Chris Bell, as he might stand a chance at beating Perry the Lying Texas Fucker-Upper.

Gametime decision.

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  2. jeh

    I guess the UIGEA wasn’t the Winning Electoral Issue that Bill Frist thought it might be. What a moron.