Why No TV News Coverage (Yet)?

by , Nov 19, 2006 | 7:56 pm

If you were like me, you were flipping channels last night between 10 and 11 pm looking for the TV coverage of the [tag]Dallas poker raids[/tag]. And unless I missed something (always possible) you found nothing on Channel 4, Channel 5, CW-33, Channel 8, Channel 11, CNN, FoxNews, or G4. Kinda strange, since at least one news crew was riding along with all three of the simultaneous busts.

But not really … it seems the story just got bumped, because there was so much other big local criminal news on the same weekend that the Dallas Police Department deployed 60 officers (est.) to three different locales with three paddy wagons and a cache of paramilitary weaponry to break up a disorganized misdemeanor ring.

So you can see that the Dallas 5-0 and the media covering them have had a busy weekend with stuff more important than a bunch of guys (and a few gals) sitting around a table playing a game.

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  1. steve

    The more I think about these raids, the more I wonder what the actual motivation might be. I am positive it’s not the legality…as others have noted, Jackie’s had been at the same location for years. Why now?

    It’s logical that there is a reason, the problem is what the reason might be. Following the often quoted principle of Occam’s Razor…”All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the best one”…substituting Explanation for solution…the most reasonable explanation is that someone benefits if the Dallas Poker rooms close.

    If that’s true, and one then applies another old cliche, follow the money, who benefits if the Dallas Poker rooms close?

    I guess, the only answer would be the legal poker rooms in Oklahoma and Louisanna, probably Oklahoma do to their proximity.

    Of course, could this also mean that someone local benefits when these out of state Casinos benefit…someone who could motivate or perhaps even instruct…the DPD to take these actions. Again, following the aforementioned cliche’s, one must suppose there is a certain amount of truth to at least the possibility of these thoughts being on the mark.

  2. Karridy

    That sad truth is that even if you “follow the money”, especially locally as Steve mentions, the most you could hope for is that somebody is guilty of being financially encouraged to go about their core responsibilities with a little more vigor. The rooms and the players all know where they stand. The real question is… How long will we wait before we talk ourselves into not believing the “simplest conclusion” and make the trip north or east? Personally, if this is all I can do, then I assure you that I am happy to save the gas. However, I feel that I am all too alone in my desire to make this stand and foresee many annoying stories starting off with “Dude,.. so I’m playing at Winstar and”….

    Also, I recently spoke with a “player” looking for a game in the metroplex. I would later find out that this person is one of the poker managers at the tee-pee. I’ll share more if there is interest.

  3. Scott Chaffin

    Let’s start at the beginning: which judge signed the warrants? From the sounds of things, these were no-knock warrants, and they require, if I am to believe my legislators, a little more official oversight. So…which prosecutor signed off on them?

    This shit is theoretically easy for a trained journalist. Some of you 5,000,000 journalists get on it.

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  5. Thea

    Last time in June, I didn’t see any coverage until Monday, and was checking like mad. Think they like to “craft” these, like feature stories, as they are more propaganda-based than news-based. News is more immediate. These raids were months in the planning, as I’ve been hearing rumor of them here and there since this time last year, and from fairly reliable sources. And if the latest is true, that some of the dealers, etc. were taken down to the IRS, then these are life-destroying tactics, not just a seriously bad time like the tickets and court dates some of us faced at Aces in June. The officials are intent on making certain that they destroy the poker scene here in Dallas.

    I’m not sure how realistic or reasonable it is to blame local poker players for supporting legal poker because of these busts. We’re into poker because we’re into poker. I’ve had my 1960s demonstrations, marching and protesting establishments selling scab grapes. The problem is that our state is legislating its deals with other states under the guise of morality, and many decent citizens are being busted for PLAYING A GAME when our tax dollars could be wisely used for decent roads or education or real crime prevention. If we are truly unhappy, let’s not hunt out fellow players as scapegoats or simply blame the casinos who could very well be motivated by losing millions in revenue to local card rooms. If we are truly upset, let’s get organized in a way that makes a difference and isn’t just self-serving but poker-serving. It can be done, but is does take an awful lot of work and energy to impact the system–more than it takes to drive north or east, which is why my guess is that until the Dems begin to balance reality against false morality that not much will get done from within.

  6. steve

    So, Thea, most of us are just simple poker players…most of us have no political experience…most of us don’t have the first idea about how to get organized to “make a difference” although I suspect many of would like to do so. What would the first steps be? We do have one tool available…the net…that in theory should at lest make communication relatively simple and inexpensive.

  7. steve

    Still not a peep out of local media…TV…Print…Radio…nothing. Is it possible that they are embarrassed to play even a minor role in such a poor use of taxpayer’s dollars…probably not.

    If you were a regular player at any of these clubs then you know that the DPD could have accomplished the same results by simply knocking on the door of any of these clubs, presenting the warrant and asking everyone to stays seated and remain calm.

    But of course, where’s the drama in that? Plus, the SWAT guys don’t get to get all dressed up and play with their cool guns and toys.

    Can’t help but wonder if their skills…the SWAT teams…couldn’t have been better utilized in any of the number of real crime stories that WERE on the news over the weekend. The ones where criminals shot back and were killed by the police…the ones where police officers were in danger of being hit by something other than a stray poker chip when someone splashed the pot.

    What is the world coming to when our politicians and legal systems are focused on preventing people from playing a game…rather than on the real problems our society faces.

  8. LiveStraddle

    Is there an attorney out there or someone out there with the knowledge of how to get what is public record?

    I have been told that SWAT and DPD are two different city organizations with little affiliation. SWAT calls in DPD for more warm bodies if needed. Can anyone verify this?

    Dan posted about a bust in North Carolina while back and everyone requested a jury trial. The state folded. If everyone busted over the weekend and the outstanding Aces cases did the same, we would have the best chance of changing the law or at least getting them to let us do our thing. By clogging up the courts, it would definately raise some eyebrows and if someone was doing this because of a finacially agenda it may come to light.

  9. steve

    SWAT is a division of DPD…here’s a description from the DPD website…

    SWAT Operations Unit

    The SWAT Operations Unit (of the DPD Tactical Division) maintains and issues the various equipment and supplies that tactical officers use in handling barricaded persons, hostage situations, and other special incidents. They maintain and operate the specialized vehicles used in these situations.

    Here’s a definition/description of SWAT from Wikipedia…

    SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics; originally Special Weapons Assault Team) is a specialized unit in many United States police departments, which is trained to perform DANGEROUS operations. These can include serving high-risk arrest warrants, performing hostage rescue, preventing terrorist attacks, and engaging heavily-armed criminals. SWAT teams are equipped with specialized firearms including submachine guns, shotguns, carbines, tear gas, stun grenades, and high-powered rifles for marksmen (snipers). They often have specialized equipment including heavy body armor, entry tools, steel reinforced boots and night vision optics.

    WOW…how about that…guess for some reason…someone defines raiding a poker game as dangerous…I suppose it could be true if Chris “Jesus” Ferguson is at the game…after all, he can cut fruit by throwing a playing card.

    I wonder, given the type operation the typical SWAT officer is involved in, were these guys even a little embarrassed by being used for this type of purpose?

    If this is their role…listen up…I hear there is a wild Omaha 8 or better game over at the Sr. Citizens center in Irving on Tuesday…right after lunch as soon as they finish passing out the Metamucil.

  10. lavigne


    check out http://www.texaspokerpac.com

  11. Dan

    Channel 11 online story is now published


  12. Wow

    Now that was a great story. Great closing… looks like a high school kid wrote it.

  13. jules

    News channel txa 21, mon. night

  14. DanM

    thanks julie. we’ll look forward to your story. if you have been reading pokerati, you are obviously intelligent.

  15. steve


    Is the channel 5 video going to be online?

  16. s.hines

    a buddy of mine is a grapevine cop…he’s on the dallas swat. weird huh.

  17. Sweettxjimmy

    Good thing that swat team was prepared with full attack gear. Can you imagine a room full of geeky poker players, including grandmas and math nerds, unloading on the Swat team with an onslaught of automatic weapon fire over a friendly $1-2 NL game? What an embarrassment for the Swat team…are there no more crack houses left in Dallas to raid?

  18. Bob

    Hi!I would say there are some channels like Discovery/NGC/BBC which do have interesting shows which have nothing to do with saas bahu and tears..:-)
    One thing that I find DD laggin behind is packaging. People are now so used to good quality signals and nice packaging, that it is usally a pain to watch it in DD. For example, when DD and ESPN telecast a match, I prefer to watch it in ESPN, as the DD stuff is usally amatuerish, with the telecast being cut during the last ball for the advert and coming back only after the 1st ball of the next over..
    But CAS has made it difficult to view those channels in Chennai..:-(