Las Vegas Bankroll Analysis

by , Dec 15, 2006 | 12:10 pm

I’ve returned from Vegas, by the way, and in the spirit of responsible gaming, here’s the day-by-day rundown of my action at the tables:

Caesar’s WPBT Winter Classic -$130
Caesar’s 1/2 NL -$200
Caesar’s 2/5 NL -$500

Binion’s $5 Blackjack +$60
UPC Main Event -$340*
Binion’s $10 Blackjack +$105

Venetian 1/2 NL +$370

Red Rock 1/2 NL +$1,020
Bellagio $1 Video Poker +$10
Bellagio $25 Pai Gow -$275*

Total: +$715

* Played with backing from someone else

Hmm, OK, so interesting. Let’s see … overall a good trip. But is it a coincidence that I went bust repeatedly on Saturday, a day that started with about three hours of sleep and a mondo hangover from a night of Tuaca-and-scotchy blog-revelry that culminated in a supposed offer to tongue Pauly’s low-hanging sack? Duly noted.

Also, I gotta say … after the Como-love UPC tourney and a Tom Schneider investment in my Pai Gow … I can attest that playing on other people’s dime is fun! Seriously, it’s much better than risking your own bankroll. With that in mind, er, hmm … it seems like I might want to pay more attention to providing better returns if I want to entertain more backing in the future.

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  1. on tilt

    good thing red rock went well

  2. Will

    Is Las Vegas a nice place to live? I heard Green Valley, Henderson and Summerlin are nice places to possibly?My friend live in Vegas and said the prices after a 5 yr. rise will fall about 6-8 percent in the next 2 yrs.Like they say it's all about the timing.Please commet back with some insight on Las Vegas.