Pegasus Poker

by , Dec 7, 2006 | 9:47 am

Be sure to check out the new Pegasus News — the remarkable outgrowth of Texas Gigs. Not only do occasional pokerers Mike and Gary show that they have this whole internet media thing figured out way better than the Morning News, but also … read here and you’ll see that their business wouldn’t even exist had Mike (in the nine seat) not put a bad beat on Jim McManus (eight seat). Kinda cool.

Go internet “new-new media”! Go poker!

3 Comments to “Pegasus Poker”

  1. Mike Orren

    Nor would we be here if a certain poker-playing, congress-running, freelance writing dude hadn’t invited me to blog with him a few years back…

  2. DanM

    Well gee, Mike, if you’re gonna go back that far … I should probably credit Kevin McCrea for inviting me to write a story for The ReMarker back in high school.

    But seriously, good stuff you got over there. And good luck in your ensuing battle with Belo.

  3. Andrew Hime

    Cigar smoking? FOR SHAME!