Wish Me Luck / Please advise

by , Dec 7, 2006 | 1:01 pm

Like so many other poker blog-geeks, I am headed to Vegas in … shoot, I know I’ve got that flight info somewhere … well anyhow, today. Lots of very important business to take care of … many important meetings … probably some drinking, too. As to actual poker play, there is the WPBT tourney on Saturday, of course. And beyond that, I’ll be playing in my first ever “backed” tournament.

It’s a straightforward deal between me and my backer … he’s gonna pay my buy-in, I am going to play, and if I win money, we will split the profits 50/50. Cool. Only thing is now I have to figure out which tourney to play in. Am looking for an event in the $250-$500 range. I hear great things about the blind structure at various Venetian happenings, so I’ll give them consideration. Basically, I am looking for something competitive with enough players to make for some sweet payouts.

Naturally, the best up-to-date guide on Vegas tourneys is LasVegasVegas … but I’d like to know more about starting chips, level times, blind structures, etc. So any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. john

    Binion’s Ultimate Poker Challenge this weekend. 340 buyin and a 660 buyin.

    They are suppose to double the starting chips this weekend.

    The $300 will start off with 6000 chips 30 min levels.
    The $600 will start with 10k chips 40 min levels.

    You have a shot to be on TV also if you make the final 7.

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  3. Lavigne in Austin

    good luck out there.

  4. Andy

    The Caesars 7 pm nightly tournament is great. About $200 entry when you include the rebuy and dealers’ add-on. Tons of chips and slowish levels. First usually pays between 9 and 10k. Not too many good players, plus the tournament room is really nice.

  5. leigh

    uh….click on a tournament and get starting stack and rounds (when available)…


  6. jeh

    The Caesar’s poker room has all the ambiance of a conference room at the Doubletree and the blinds structure is pretty steep, so your M can decline fast if you’re not making plays right from the start. And most of the ShuffleMasters don’t work anymore because they were the only casino in Vegas to buy the units rather than leasing them. Which was a dumb thing to do, since there was no maintenance contract and those things need a ton of upkeep to keep working. But the crowd is pretty touristy. Good luck wherever you end up, Dan. I’m pulling for you to play the $1060 event at Bellagio. There’s another good tournament listing at http://www.allvegaspoker.com/tournaments.php and their room reviews are pretty reliable too.

  7. Dad

    Best of luck! Just remember – to think smart, will generally be more rewarding than to think creatively (i.e., carelessly), when dealing with a game of odds. Do your best, and you should do quite well. Then, if all else fails … pray!

  8. uncle ray

    Dad? Dad? You’ve hit the big time, Dan. Poker advice from Dad!! I want you to post a picture of you drowning in all the money. Go Dan!!!!

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