Amarillo Slim Re-Robbed

by , Jan 30, 2007 | 2:23 pm

Amarillo Slim reportedly got robbed at gunpoint Sunday … in Amarillo. Two intruders, one masked, waiting for him in his house, with Slim’s own shotguns pointed at him. Threats of death and profanity laced psychological comebacks ensued. They made off with some of his goods, including a cherished belt buckle.

Back in October, you may recall, Amarillo told police he was chased down by some gun-wielding bandits who shot at his truck. (Very West-Coast-East-Coast Tupac Shakur, no? Where is Suge Knight these days anyhow?) It’s pretty harrowing, if not storybook stuff:

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… robbers waited for him to come into his own home to shove his own shotgun into Thomas Austin “Amarillo Slim” Preston Jr.’s stomach.

“I told him, I said now ‘Pull the trigger on that -damn thing or put it down […] ‘I don’t feel real comfortable with that shotgun pointed at me.'”


The two men then stripped Preston and tied his hands and feet with three bolo ties they found in his apartment, and told him to lay down on the floor – a request Preston did not want to comply with.

Preston, who has a pacemaker, said he didn’t want to be placed on the cold floor, and face the risk of no one coming by to check on him.

So the robbers decided to put him on the couch, Preston said, with the masked robber saying he was going to get a pillow.

“I thought that was the end,” Preston said. “There is just one reason to go get a pillow. A shotgun makes some noise. You put that pillow over (that weapon) and pull the trigger, you are going to hear nothing. It’s not a good feeling.”

Hmm. Yikes.

I wonder how much money he had wagered on the Lakers-Spurs game.

2 Comments to “Amarillo Slim Re-Robbed”

  1. jen

    I think twice robbed might have me dig into my bank roll to afford some security.

  2. DanM

    So what … you are saying he should have an entourage a la jamie gold?