Visionary Billionaire: Poker is the new solitaire

by , Jan 8, 2007 | 3:06 pm

The future of technology is being unveiled in Las Vegas right now, at the International Consumer Electronics Show, which kicks off today. I find it interesting that the CES people (for all their applied science and market research) apparently don’t realize what makes a website shitty/annoying, but that’s not the big news …

The show kicked off with a keynote presentation by Bill Gates, whereupon he championed all sorts of new user-friendly improvements and digital capabilities loaded into an ever-more-ubiquitous Microsoft matrix:

In his 11th annual speech headlining the world’s largest tech convention, Gates talked about how Microsoft’s latest creations and partnerships aim to make it easier for people to navigate, consume, share and manage different kinds of content, whether they are games, movies, family photos, sports or work.

… To some, however, the most interesting announcement by Gates might be the addition of Texas Hold ‘Em in its preloaded selection of games in Vista.

Thanks, Karridy (a Microsoft expat) for the link!

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