First Step Towards Poker Prohibition Repeal

by , Jan 31, 2007 | 12:38 pm

Attention all felons/online poker players in Washington State … at least one person in your government is looking out for you. Rep. Chris Strow (R-Whidbey Island) has introduced legislation to amend last year’s legislation that made online gambling in Washington State a Class C felony.

“Most certainly choosing to gamble, or play a game of skill such as poker, should not have been made a crime equivalent to possessing child pornography or threatening the Governor.” Rep. Strow told the Media.

True dat … true dat.

More good info on “Operation Wheel Draw” (HB 1243) here.

However, the proposed legislation apparently doesn’t rewrite the component of the Washington State law that made it a felony to disseminate “GAMBLING INFORMATION” online … so poker bloggers are still in danger of going to the hoosegow with the same legal designation as pedophiles for talking about a game that may or may not be played for money.

You know, Pokerati has been contending that it’s up to poker players to make our issues matter to the non-poker public. But maybe it’s on us to see beyond poker, and start caring about threats that have nothing to do with the game … like threats to that whole First Amendment, not to mention general freedom of intellectual discourse on the inernet.

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