Friday Funsies

by , Jan 26, 2007 | 11:44 am

Do you miss PartyPoker? Yeah, me too. But fortunately for us, a player named Tuff_Fish has been kind enough to share his endeavors at the $10-$20 table for our entertainment:

(note: be careful with sound if at work.)

Thanks, Woodrow, for the links!

ALT HED: The Sam Kinison of Poker?

8 Comments to “Friday Funsies”

  1. TommyTwoToes


  2. BenMatlock

    funniest thing since Brandi Hawboner…

  3. Woody

    Nice one, Ben. The latest 2+2 gossip bombshell involves a “tell all” from Sklansky’s former 16-year-old girlfriend. All on the forum that Sklansky runs!

  4. jackietrehorn

    Jeez, this is irresistable. Some cable show should pick this up.
    7-8-9-10 NOTHING!!!

  5. DanM

    Seriously, these vids are my “dick in a box” this week. I can’t seem to stop listening to them. Hearing tuff_fish go ballistic somehow brings peace and providence (and out-loud laughter) to my life.

  6. BenMatlock

    You are not the only one Dan. I’ve heard them over and over again and still find the humor to quite outstanding. In the longer clip, I prefer the section where he spews out undeterminable words/sounds. Cracks my ass up.

  7. FoolsRun

    That is INCREDIBLE! His own cable show? Put him on Oprah! 7 8 9 BAH! Thanks for sharing.

  8. AaronAutrey

    The reason why I quit online poker long, long ago!! Pissy Pissy!