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Good morning. I’m not used to being up this early after a full night’s sleep … so let’s get to poker:

They’re down to 18 at the WPT’s WORLD POKER OPEN @ the Goldstrike in TUNICA. “The Catfish” is in the lead, followed by JC TRAN, DANIEL NEGREANU, AMIR VAHEDI and others.

In LONDON, they’re halfway through the INTERNATIONAL CASINO EXHIBITION, where 25,000 poker-bizzer types are contemplating a not-so-American gambling future.

Here’s some good discussion from a British STOCK FORUM about the big dip PARTYGAMING’S stock just took. A lotta mixed reactions. The Motley Fool has more on PRTY.L as well.

Something you may have missed but still worthwhile … the CC Times’ top 10 people of they year. BILL FRIST takes the crown, while other notables include JEFFREY POLLACK, CRISPIN LEYSER, PAMELA ANDERSON, and gaming CEO’s MITCH GARBER and DAVID CARRUTHERS.

Prosecutors in ALABAMA are promising a hardcore crackdown on poker rooms and the like after some recent court rulings. Still waiting word from TUSCALOOSA JOHNNY on whether or not he’s scared.

Speaking of court, WOODY the Pokerati commenter is at trial today, as in right now, in DALLAS for his involvement in the GOOD FELLOW’S raid. He’s pled NOT GUILTY, and the TRAFFIC COURT hearing his case isn’t used to having SWAT TEAMS testify.

Back across the pokery pond, at least one writer has figured out that the new buzz about GAMBLING ADDICTION in the UK has little to do with medicine and more about doctor-types looking to cash in on the “CRAZE.”

And hey, it’s WEDNESDAY, so don’t forget to tune in to Hold’em Radio at 7 pm central tonight for “Beyond the Table,” where we should have a very interesting discussion with BRIAN BALSBAUGH — the Gonz lover most important guy in poker who doesn’t know how to play the game.

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  1. Woody

    Case dismissed, baby!

    I was on the docket with about 50 other people, mostly with traffic tickets and code enforcement issues (one fairly well known semi-professional was called, but was absent). So after the 8:30 docket call and announcing my presence, the court adjourned until 9:40, so that the prosecutor could summon any necessary witnesses for all of the trials.

    On my way back into the courthouse, I see a SWAT officer that was at JBs/Goodfellas the night of the raid, so it appears that the prosecution has indeed summoned its witnesses. Ooof. I go back into the courtroom, and the pool of alleged offenders gets smaller and smaller as the prosecutor dismisses cases or the people plea out for deferred disposition. There are about five people left, so I approach the prosecutor about whether he has any kind of deferred disposition to offer (once they call you to trial, the muni prosecutors won’t strike a deal). He says, “Sure, but at this point I don’t think you want it.” I say “Why?,” expecting him to say it’s because he’ll only offer the maximum penalty. But instead and much to my satisfaction, he says “Because the case is being dismissed.” Boo-yah! Wish I could say it was because of a rigorous cross-examination or some other Perry Mason-type performance, but I’ll take it any way I can get it.

    On the way out, I asked whether the case was dismissed because of the type of citation (i.e., they didn’t want to prosecute these types of cases) or because he didn’t have any witnesses. He said it was because his witness that is normally there was sick. I don’t think I believe that, because the prosecutor knew nothing about my case. He asked how I got “caught” playing cards, and whether the police just busted down the door of my house in the middle of the card game. I said, “Yeah…something like that” and went on my merry way.

  2. DanM

    Congrats, Woodrow! Way to fight the power/the man/for your rights to poker! Lesson for the other Class C misdemeanor defendants.

    No we’ll have to see how they handle the Class A’s, as that will be really telling on the future of poker in Dallas.

  3. Gonz

    Dude, he completely bastardized my piece. He took little pieces and spliced them together. The end result makes me look like I should be writing for car shopper.

    I think I have to sue now.

  4. DanM

    Uncool, editorially speaking at least. Perhaps Balsbaugh thought he could do a better job than your editor.

    Here is the Gonz original. Bow to his greatness.

  5. Gonz

    Hey, and Tulsa was my editor on that piece, so what does it say about him? Hmm? I ask you, what does it say about HIM?

  6. DanM

    Indeed, I was aware of Tulsa’s finger in your work. Hence the slight-subtle humor for some.

  7. BenMatlock

    woody is a putz and got lucky that he didn’t have to pay the fine like i did. i’ll make sure and check raise his ass a few times in Vegas during March Madness.

  8. DanM

    what do you mean, ben? were you found guilty? please do share. did you plead not guilty/go to court?

  9. BenMatlock

    My suggestion to all those who got busted is to gamble. I got nailed 3 years ago and did the same thing Woody did. I wasn’t told my case would be dismissed though (I think the prosecutor was bluffing, but I couldn’t pick up any tells). I took deferred probation, but everyone else who got busted with me gambled….and won. I’m not a very good poker player I guess (conservative aggressive). Woody is still a putz though.

  10. Michele Lewis

    We know the show is at 7pm till… 8pm or 9pm?

  11. DanM

    Michele, that is a great question. Today we were on til 8 pm … but soon, it WILL be 9. (shh, don’t tell anyone yet … still not official.)

    also, by the way … your website. something is different. did you get a new haircut?

  12. Michele Lewis

    I started brushing my hair. New Years Resolution.

    I won’t tell anyone that your radio show is in the works to be on air an extra hour. Let me know when it’s official and I will make a post.

  13. DanM

    Funny, I made a new year’s resolution to start brushing my teeth!

    (It’s going OK.)

  14. Ed

    Went to Michele’s site. Damn…I have been playing in the wrong poker games. Speaking of hot women though…Dan you should bring Jen to the next Sunday game. I miss youherboth of you!