More season premiere of HSP3

by , Jan 18, 2007 | 6:21 am

I missed the first segment of the premiere of High Stakes Poker: the third season. But lo and behold, the guys over at Wicked Chops have just that much! Can we say perfect?

Check it out yourself:

You’ll see Jamie Gold betting into Doyle Brunson’s nuts on the very first hand. The game starts out tough. And Gabe Kaplan, he refers to the Matusow shirt I dug as something from a “gay beer garden.” And at the end of the above video, he even talks about the fashion trend sure to be started by Jamie Gold’s square of tape. (Dude, Gabey, we are so in sync! We should be together. Love, Stan.)

Question: do you think GSN sees the airing of their episodes on YouTube as good (free advertising/promotion) or bad (copyright infringement)? Mark Cuban, of course, wants to know.

3 Comments to “More season premiere of HSP3”

  1. Bob

    I love these shows that expose the players that had their one lucky run at the WSOP, (where no one knew them, so they couldn’t get a good read), and are now considered top players.

    Jamie Gold has got to be one of the biggest asses on the planet, and acts like he is actually believing those clippings. I enjoy every beat on him like I had done it myself.

    Moneymaker hasn’t really done squat but make PokerStars commercials, and consistently gets his ass kicked in Poker Superstars.

    The one guy I really liked in the GSN show was Bill Chen. Matusow kept busting his chops, and he just basically kept a light attitude thinking, “Yeah, I’m new here, and I may get my ass kicked… Thank you Capt. Obvious…”.

  2. Doc John

    Like the new NBC “Poker After Dark,” High Stakes Poker gives us a better look at how people actually play the game. I agree that Chen has a very engaging and refreshing attitude. I think we need to move beyond the Mouth vs. Shieky era. What would your ideal cash game with eight seats look like? I would like to see Phil Gordon, Daniel Negreneau, Steve Danneman, Chip Reese, Doyle Brunson, Joe Hachem, Dan Harrington, and Jennifer Harman.

  3. Pokerati | Texas hold’em blog » Blog Archive » Who’s this Brian Townsend guy?

    […] Just watching a little High Stakes Poker: the third season … and tonight’s episode started with a lot of “kids” at the table. One of them I recognized, but not really … Brian Townsend looks familiar to me, but not from TV, I just know I have seen him somewhere near a poker table. What is particularly curious about him is that he has bought in for $700,000 (according to Jennifer Harman’s estimate). But his career tournament winnings are only about $35,000 — less than TBR’s. […]