Over the River and through the Woods …

by , Jan 22, 2007 | 11:49 am

The St. Jude’s senior citizens group (in Allen, TX) is planning a trip to Shreveport next month, and I was looking forward to hitching a ride on the bus. It’s always good to spend time with Therese-in-Fairview, and I thought it might be a nice way to take the pulse of a reliable Christian voting block to find out more about where they stand on proposed Texas gambling legislation. But it looks like there might be a slight change of plans:

Dear Dan,
I changed my mind about Shreveport. 4-5 hours on the bus, hotel $77. They said 2 nights, changed to 2 days, the second day we leave 9AM. Really I wont get even 24 hours. Plus pay the bus & pay meals. Same day Feb 6, our club house, has tour to Oklahoma, 1 hour on the bus, 8 hours at the casino, gambling coupons, buffet lunch, I will pay $25. It seems better for me.

The picture frame you gave me for Christmas, all the pictures are long. Your Dad had to turn it around. Now it is beautiful. Thank you again.

Love, Grandma

No problem, Grandma. Thanks for the update … your decision makes sense to me — shorter commute=positive EV. Good thing the church has two separate senior-citizen casino retreats on the same day! So hey, Grandma, would you say that when it comes to slots and Bingo … convenience is a very important issue to you and your friends and priests?

(That’s probably good to know.)

5 Comments to “Over the River and through the Woods …”

  1. jen

    Too bad, I was looking forward to tagging along with your grandma! Oh well…

  2. Jim "the Meat" P.

    Too bad. I was looking forward to tagging your grandma, too. Oh well…

  3. DanM

    Murmur …

  4. Uncle Ray

    Of course, if you offer to drive her to Shreveport some day, I’m sure Grandma would tag along with you. And also, if she doesn’t care for the Oklahoma Indian brand of casino, she just might go on the next Louisiana trip. Louisiana…hmmm…didn’t they have a team that ALMOST made it to the Super Bowl?

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