Poker in the Courts

by , Jan 5, 2007 | 3:54 pm

Some of the comments on this post are providing some good information about pending poker prosecutions. Would love to know a little more from some of you with court dates coming up … like specifically when is your trial, what court is it in, who is the judge, yadda yadda. Feel free to post the info here … or if you would rather not be so public about your legal matter of public record, send me an email. Thanks much.

And by the way, if any of the peeps from Poker Pound (busted room in Duncanville way back when) are reading this, let us know what has happened with your case. Last I heard, prosecutors kept putting it off, and your lawyer kept having you come to court to write her a check just so she could say “no trial yet.”

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  1. Raye

    Hey Dan,

    Nothing going on yet, court date keeps getting reset. The attorney says it is due to the elections, waiting to see who gets in what court, and then deciding the best place to have our case heard. She has been paid in full now, so she has no reason to put it off anymore. One of our dealers plead guilty to gambling, paid a fine and it’s done. Another one took a plea of a $500 dollar fine and 6 months adjudicated probation for promotion ( I think?), so that one is done. Don’t know about the third person involved, and me and Sande are just hanging out in Limbo………….

  2. Jaunty Joker

    Hey there. I am a NYC poker dealer that’s been through three raids and an armed robbery (with automatic weapons) in the last two years.
    Read about my first raid at:

    And please feel free to order The Original “Poker is not a crime” t-shirt! at:

  3. Sam

    Ray and Sande

    GL…Sure do miss the soft seat in Dunncanville. Although it probably led to my divorce. And to think I gave her my winnings.

  4. DanM

    Ray, thanks for the update. Glad to know it is unlikely you will go to jail.

  5. Raye

    Sorry to hear that Sam……about your winnings I mean….LOL

  6. bmxpro1

    I have a court date on 1/30 from the Aces bust. I was a player so it’s a class C misdemeanor and the information I have is that the judge is Phyllis Lister-Brown. I don’t know anything more right now, but I’m very curious if anyone else has had her with their cases. I was thinking of going without an attorney, but I may reconsider and bring a friend who is an attorney. I’m really hoping to get deferred adjudication, but maybe I’ll get lucky and the officer won’t show. It’s a trial by judge so not sure if that’s the best choice, but we’ll see how it goes. I’d appreciate anyone with additional info on their cases that have been heard already. Thx. Vince