Rotisserie Poker

by , Jan 8, 2007 | 2:38 pm

The Batfaces are putting together a fantasy poker thingy. (Sorry, you’re not invited — you know, beta version.) But anyhow, I have to pick a bunch of players. I have no idea how the actual rules of this thing will work — what tournaments qualify, which don’t, how we get to add or drop players on our team — so basically I am left just trying to figure out who will kick ass (tourney-wise) in 2007.

Any suggestions? Draft is apparently tonight.

Here are the end results for 2006, as per CardPlayer. Bluff has their own tournament player ranking system … and in fact, they used to have a whole fantasy poker thingy. But I can’t seem to find it. Perhaps they simply concluded that the whole concept was a waste of time?

UPDATE: Some clarification on the rules, via Sommer and Tiny B (one of whom may or may not be the commissioner) …

From: Todd Phillips
Sent: Monday, January 08, 2007 2:20 PM
To: danm
Subject: Re: Fantasy poker

4 free agent pick ups for the year, plus trades will be allowed. you will not be given a players points retroactively. If you pick up a free agent on April 1, you will get that players points for the rest of the year.

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From: dan michalski
To: Todd Phillips
Sent: Mon Jan 08 14:17:25 2007
Subject: FW: Fantasy poker

Can we drop players and pick up “free agents” once we start? Say I’ve got a “hot tip” on a player that I know no one else would pick … will it make sense for me to NOT include him on my list since there is no need to snag him right from the start? <<

From: Matt Sommer
Sent: Saturday, January 06, 2007 9:37 PM
Subject: Re: Fantasy poker

list your top 20, we will randomize a draft order, then go sequentially thru everyone’s list in turn and take your top player left. I think we are shooting for 8-10 players per person, but if there are not enough unique players we will draft we what can and then maybe pick up free agents in turn.

On 1/6/07, dan michalski wrote:

How many picks do we make? And we can pick anyone for all of them?

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From: Todd Phillips
Sent: Saturday, January 06, 2007 10:21 AM
Subject: RE: Fantasy poker

To all of you who said you were in for Fantasy Poker. I need your draft
lists. Simply rank your desired players in order and we’ll put together
teams based on those lists. I have lists from Shane, Zach and myself.
That is it.

9 Comments to “Rotisserie Poker”

  1. Ed

    FYI, I went to 4th last night at The Lodge game…outlasting C0m0 and Sang. ‘Nuff said.


  2. DanM

    So you are saying Ed Mayhall would be a good draft pick?

  3. Ed


    As per my comment last week…my 2007 goal should have me on that list before the year is up. 😛


  4. DanM

    Ed, do you have your 2006 bankroll graph? I would really love to see it. I lost track of mine somewhere shortly after the WSOP … but am starting fresh for 2007 and suspect yours might serve as a model/inspiration.

  5. Ed

    I dont have it set up for a full year. It is broken out into each month still. Oct – Dec were not pretty months with December being the worst because I only played half the sessions i normally play with the holidays getting in the way. This month has started off well though so maybe 2007 will be smooth sailing. (Until our great government bans us from playing online.)


  6. DanM

    C’mon, Ed, no excuses … sack up and post that shit! I found the graph I was thinking of — it’s a textbook example of proper bankroll management. Did you get drunk and blow it all, a la Andy Beal / Pokerati-on-Ultimate-Bet-blackjack?

  7. Sommer

    Hey Dan, great post. You have 11 minutes to get your roster in.

  8. Ed

    Dan, actually I got it over 1K and have been in limbo (down then back up…up then back down) since the last three months of the year. Bodog has changed and I have had to change my play a little to compensate for the mad rush of PP refugees that showed up.


  9. irish-mike

    Hope I can do better on this than I did on fantasy football this year