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by , Jan 13, 2007 | 7:42 pm

So Which Way Will Texas Go?

While doing some other research, I stumbled across this Channel 8 story that aired back in November … about illegal 8-liner and video poker rooms in Hunt County. I have long heard of their existence, but have never stepped foot inside one. Interesting — kinda like a poker room, only the patrons seem a bit more pathetic. (At least at a poker table you have a semblance of social interaction going on.)

Anyhow, the Texas Legislature is back in action this month … and according to the story, there are efforts in place to toughen-up Texas’ current gambling laws — making it a felony to run such an establishment. (The gist of the story linked-to above is that law enforcement can’t do much to wipe them out of business when the crime is only a misdemeanor.)

I haven’t seen the bill being championed by Rep. Ron Flynn (R-Canton) yet, and it sounds like he might be trying to tighten the screws just on 8-liners/slots, not worrying about poker. While that’s kinda-sorta a good thing, it also serves as a reminder that the legislative battle is on. Texas’ gambling laws will change. How they will change … is to be determined.

One interesting thing to note is that with the exception of Flynn, there’s no real moral authority spearheading the anti-gambling movement. Instead, you’ve got the Cities of Dallas and Carrollton saying they’d (theoretically) love to have casinos … and people like my Grandmother, who are getting excited about a Church-sponsored bus trip to Shreveport.

So such is the battle. But take a look at how the Channel 8 story ends … and it seems fair to say that some self-righteous political sort will happily jump on the bandwagon and seize the opportunity to establish him- or herself as a real force for the will of Godpeople — making all sorts of assertions that we know are bullshit, but could resonate with voters who see no value in gambling, or at least no direct benefit to them.

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  1. Tim B.

    Money, often needed to feed their family, is being fed into an unregulated machine, which can easily be rigged to pay nothing.

    this right here highlights the problem. no, the problem isnt adults executing their god-given right to be fucktards… the problem is, theyre playing at UNREGULATED establishments.

    regulation is the answer, not increasingly authoritarian restrictions on free commerce and the rights of adults to spend their cash as they see fit…